Wall Art

Why Wall Art?
In this new digital age, we take a split second for a family photo, get the digital copy that “we know we want” and then what happens to it?  That image sits on our phones, computers a USB storage drive.  But, what is in our homes?  What do we have to pass down to our children? Our Grandchildren?  How will our family remember our legacy after we’ve left the Earth?

Digital images get lost in the day to day.  They cannot anchor us to our most precious and cherished moments in our lives.  We can swipe left and swipe right to view at a quick pace but are we actually able to sink ourselves fully into the images landing on our screens? Do our digital portraits really bring us back to the emotions and and pull of that time we spent with our loved ones? Or transport us to our favorite places?

What if we had pieces of art that provided that for us?

What if every day we could look at an image on our walls that transported us back to an experience that filled us with Love, Joy and Pure Happiness as a family?  What if every time we gazed upon our walls we were effortlessly reminded of what means the most to us in our World? Would that not be worth investing in?

Take the time out of your busy lives to be 100% present with your loved ones. Create memories and moments of pure Joy and Excitement. We’ll be there to capture the moments along the way. Then, after your session we’ll meet back together to view your pictures and design your perfect piece of Wall Art for your home!