Harvest Sunset Session

I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my past Seniors recently for an idea I dubbed “Sunset Harvest”. The entire idea was to capture the presence of fall in the warm light of sunset.  We traveled over to Green Lane Park at sunset to get started, and while the park found last week to be an excellent time to mow their tall, brown grass around the park, we managed to find a remaining tiny patch to use.  As we walked around the one end of the park (the park is huge by the way…there’s so many places to go we had to plan ahead on what areas to use) we found some fence rails, gravel walking paths and the small patch of left over brown tall grass – or weeds if you will.

The results were gorgeous!  Thanks to my lovely model for all her hard work and for finding some time in her busy schedule to fit me and my creative ideas in!



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