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Meet Briana & Dave the dynamic duo behind Look on the Fry Side, a his, hers and family blog filled with 100% relatable content.  The pair focus on their personal interests in the his or her sections, Briana focusing on crafting. Gardening, motherhood and teaching among other interests and Dave sharing his love of sports, music and a whole lot of tech.  Together they create the “theirs” section, coming together to collaborate on family matters, adventures, product reviews that everyone with kids can relate to and most recently a couple of discussions regarding life at home with a toddler during the pandemic. 

But that’s not all these two are cooking up on their site.  Last fall the two launched a branch of Briana’s dream for a creative outlet that could provide something for the community out there on the interwebs, Welcome to Fry Side Design.  Briana is a creative individual constantly looking for different creative outlets from her gardens, sewing, and creating a comfy-cozy atmosphere to her home.  She really has an eye when it comes to design of any sort but her online shop specializes in printables from cards to home décor, with dreams to offer custom and shippable items in the future as the brand grows. 

How did the Pandemic affect these two?

Well, the pandemic actually helped create time and space to brain storm ideas and put them into action.  The blog originally launched in January of 2020 as a creative writing outlet for the husband and wife team and as the pandemic caused job loss and changes and sent Briana to teach from home, the creative team was really craving more creative outlets from home. In a time where a lot of negative was being shared and the Earth was encapsulated within the sphere of the global pandemic Dave and Briana were gifted the opportunity of more time at home together with their family and with that came time to truly focus on their creative endeavors and launch the start of their business in September 2020. 

One of the biggest lessons from the pandemic for them has been “the perpetual balance of life, work, family, health and safety”. Trying to manage the “normal” 9 to 5 jobs, parenthood, and starting and trying to grow a business is a new learning curve full of ups and downs, a similar road to parenthood and navigating every day life in a pandemic!

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