November Farms

Have you ever dreamed of waking up on a hilltop farm, looking out your windows and seeing nature surround you and watching frolicking lambs in the morning sun. Or maybe you’re a homeschooling family that is always looking for new and exciting experiences to enhance your homeschool curriculum. November Farms is your place!

November Farm is owned and operated by Kelsey & Ben Kemmerer and their family. The farm is located on a hilltop in East Greenville Pennsylvania, offering beautiful views of the surrounding towns & countryside. Residing on the farm are friendly horses and ponies, an absolutely adorable flock of sheep with frolicking little lambs in the spring time as well as a cow and the cutest donkey you’ll ever meet.

The farm offers an Air BnB to enjoy a weekend get away to the country while also being close by to many modern day necessities (grocery stores, adorable small town shopping and restaurants) or stick around the farm and enjoy time swinging while the sunsets and enjoying the peace and calm that comes from being removed from all the hustle and bustle of town and city life. Turn off your phone and take the time to enjoy a few days of much needed R&R!

November Farms also offers learning experiences for homeschool families & Co-Ops! I loved learning about this from Kelsey. Within the last year of COVID many families have opted for online or full homeschooling. Homeschooling children if families have the ability offers a large amount of flexibility and creativity in teaching our children about the world around them outside of a text book! Kelsey offers different days at the farm learning about the animals, the production of goods from the animals as well as care of farm animals! Through hoof trimming and sheep shearing days at the Farm Kelsey offers the opportunity for local families to visit the farm and learn from the farm’s farrier about the horses hooves and how proper care and trimming of the hooves is important to the overall health of the horses! Sheep shearing days also offer the opportunity for families to see how sheep are sheared, why and what we do with their wool after shearing!

Kelsey and her Family also have a small farm product stand during the spring through the fall. Offerings goods and products from the animals at the farm, a local dairy which they sell the Raw Milk, yarn and handmade items from the fiber of llamas and sheep as well as local honey products including honey and handmade candles!

November Farms is a quiet and peaceful place to recharge and recenter ourselves, especially during this time of COVID and often times struggling to find places to socially distance but also give ourselves experiences and rest. Stop by for an hour or a few days and you won’t be disappointed with your decision.

November Farms is located in East Greenville, PA



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