Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Ahh. Wedding Photos. The single most important part of your day (besides you know, your spouse, a minister and the rings). Selecting your wedding photographer may seem like a super easy task, go online probably head to your site at wedding wire or the knot and search “wedding photographers near me”. flip through a couple and pick Nancy Drew Snaps to cover your day because she’s close, looks like she covers weddings and she fits into your budget. Easy Peasy, yeah?

Nope. Please, I beg of you, do not do that. Honestly, my artistic photographer soul could not handle it.

There are a few things to remember when looking for a photographer:

1. Your Location – where are you getting married, indoors or outdoors. Is the photographer you like local to that location OR do they travel?
2. Budget – Your personal budget for photography obviously needs to be a factor. Some photographers charge a lot, but let me tell you; You pay for what you get. These upper level, absolutely amazing photographers are worth every penny. If you can swing it, swing it, you won’t be disappointed. However, if you can’t and you’re working with a small budget choose what you’re comfortable spending on photography services and find someone whose style you love, whose personality fits with yours and someone who is reliable.
3. Do you want just one photographer or would you prefer having two so you don’t miss anything?

Have Coffee with your photographer;

Before hiring a photographer, make sure you speak with them. Seriously, actually pick up the phone, dial the number and have a conversation or meet up and have coffee . Make sure that your personalities mesh well and that what you’re looking for is something they can 100% achieve. If you want light and airy but they’re a high contrast artist your photos are not going to be what you imagine them to be.

Searching for your Photographer

So go to google, the knot, wedding wire or where ever and flip through the portfolios and websites of the photographers. Search by budget and location and find a handful that you really like. Then slowly reach out to each one, have a conversation and explain what you’re looking for from your wedding photographer. If everything lines up and it’s a match say “I do”!

Final Tip!

One last note; if you have the time/money to do an engagement session with your hired wedding day photographer – do it. This is a great opportunity to work with your photographer in a photo setting, view their work with you in it and rate the experience. Plus, you’ll have some fun photos to hold you over until wedding day!