Getting Pets Ready for Baby

Quick tips for getting Pets ready for Baby!

-Set-up baby’s nursery and sleeping areas (bassinet, crib, swing etc) a few weeks before baby is expected to arrive! This will give pets time to acclimate to new items and surroundings in the home.

-Once baby is born, take a shirt and swaddle blanket from the hospital home *BEFORE* you come home from the hospital to get pets used to Baby’s smell. This will help decrease stress and surprise from Baby coming home! You can lay the blankets on Baby’s sleeping areas, swing, sofa etc. Lay it so it dangles down where pets can give it a sniff!

-Once Baby is home, make introductions slowly and when baby is calm/asleep at first.

Once pets are comfortable with their new sibling the crying and fussing should be easier for them to cope with.