Hello Followers!

This is my first ever blog post! How exciting!
It will be a short one, as right now I haven’t that much to say or show you right now!
However you can check out my gallery and my about me page to learn a little more.
As for this little blog, I just want to tell you a little about what I hope to do and accomplish here.

I created this quaint blog to track the progress in mastering different photographing skills as well as photo editing skills as I go through the adobe software courses and get a well rounded background on the programs.

I hope to gain experiences with local photographers and sit in on their sessions to get more practical and hands on experience from professionals, so you can expect to read about those experiences too.

I will also be posting different events, mainly horse shows in the area that I will be attending with the barn I ride and show with, so if you are following the posts and happen to be a Hunter, Jumper or Dressage rider and will be attending the shows I am at, let me know and I can find you for some shots of you in the ring strutting your stuff!


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