Nikon D7100 Release Date Announced!

So, Temple goes on Spring Break in 2 weeks, so I will have PLENTY of time to start putting up and working on my photo assignments for my Adobe Certification courses!  They’re going well I think. So I will start putting up some of the assignments for those classes then, get excited.

On another note, Nikon thought it would be an awesome idea to upgrade the D7000 DSLR to the 7100 DSLR, which is great and all but now I have to wait longer for a new camera because why get the old one when you can get the new with with a couple new features that you want!  If you’re curious about it, check out the review article below, you can also see and compare it to the previous model the D7000 at B&H Camera or Adorama.
That article will give some insight on the specs and features the 7100 has and compares it sometimes to the D7000.  They are both great cameras, but the 7100 has some better shooting modes and has  more pixels, so I think I’ll be able to hang onto it longer! =]

Here’s the Adorama Listing(It comes available for purchase in March)

One Last thing to share with you is the picture below, that was shared with me via facebook! =]