Assignments 2 & 3

Here are assignments 2 & 3, as they are both really short and will fit into one.  I think my plant looks pretty nice =]

Assignment 2: Align 2 bottles aprox. 5 feet apart. Position one bottle slightly to the left of the one behind it. Take one shot with a high depth of field(so both are in focus) and one shot with shallow depth of field with the furthest bottle blurred out.  Here are my results, I
did 2 sets, one with soda and juice the other with two rum bottles.

PhotoClass 022 PhotoClass 019

So with the Rum bottles my shallow depth of field(on the right) came out AWESOME. However, I ran into a focus issue where I could not get(at the 5ft distance) the High depth of field for these bottles or the next set of bottles.  I could blur out both or one but could not focus both in the shot. I’ll be playing with this shot for the next 100 days until I figure it out. So I went with the BEST I could get with what I had, both days I tried this.

Photoassignments 011 Photoassignments 013_crop

Attempt 2: I tried different bottles and a shorter distance, but still 3 feet away and on a different plane of view, the floor.  Still got a nice shallow depth of field but my high depth wouldn’t turn out again.  SO frustrating.  When i figure this out I’ll post it!

Assignment Three: Had an object(I chose my leafy plant) with a fluorescent light ABOVE it and an incandescent light next to it. I took 3 shots with a Shutter Speed of 1/100, Aperture f6.3 and my 50mm prime lens.

Photoassignments 016
Shot 1: White Balance Setting: Incandescent Light

Photoassignments 017
Shot 2: White Balance Setting: Fluorescent Ligh

Photoassignments 019
Shot 3: Custom White Balance Setting with gray card(I didn’t have a gray card, I used a white sheet of paper to set it on my camera) I like the way the bottom leaves look, so lush and green!

I’m still working on Assignment 4 which is to tie a small object to a string or chain and either hang it on a wall or have someone swing it back and forth.  I have to compose 2 shots, one that FREEZES the object and one that shows its motion trail. All running off of shutter speeds. I did a couple tonight but I didn’t like how they turned out so I’ll be attempting that one again another day until I like it enough =]