Photo Assignment One

As promised & long awaited!  Here are my photo assignments for the adobe courses I’m taking, I’ll start with the Photos today and put up the goofy editing and layering technique pictures later, they are quite goofy as I’m not actually taking ANY pictures to edit, I’m just messing with predetermined photos, on is a POTATO!

Any way, back to the reason we’re here.
Assignment 1:
Object: Small Highly Reflective metallic, silver or gold jewelry item.  I chose my Grandmother’s Engagement Ring, 1. because I LOVE IT, its an antique and its look is just simplistic and lovely. Sadly its details are not captured in the pictures as that was not really the point.
-Photograph from TOP-down perspective, well-lit fluorescent light, Manual shooting mode and other criteria that will change for each shot, I’ll list them with each one.

ISO Sensitivity/Shutter Speed Comparison 3 shots

Shot 1: Aperturef5.6; Shutter 1/4; ISO100; Metering SPOT; Auto Focus; Auto White Balance
Shot 2: Aperture f5.6; Shutter 1/4; ISO 800; Everything Else the same as SHOT 1
Shot 3: Aperture f5.6; Shutter 1/40; ISO 320; Everything else the same as SHOT 1

Flash Compensation:
Aperture f5.6; Shutter 1/40, Auto Focus, ISO 320; Auto White Balance for all 3 shots
Shot 1: Flash Comp: -2
Shot 2: Flash Comp: 0
Shot 3: Flash Comp: +1 (They asked for +2 but my camera doesn’t do that so I went with the highest possible at +1)

Exposure Compensation: This was cool, especially for this ring.
Shooting all shots in PROGRAM MODE; ISO 320, Auto Focus, Auto White Balance, the rest was determined by the camera in P mode.
Shot 1(MY FAVORITE for this ring) Exposure Comp: -2  Looks SO cool
Shot 2: Exposure Comp: 0
Shot 3: Exposure Comp: +2 (bad effect for this object)