Dual Purpose E-Session!

November 23rd was my birthday, it started out like most other Saturdays, did a little homework, went to see my horse,etc.
I had an “engagement session” at Valley Forge Park at Sunset, I was SUPER excited for it. The subjects were our friends who had recently gotten engaged over the summer.  Dave is a photo guru himself so I was told he suggested the park at sunset to get some cool sunset shots, it gave some AWESOME lighting too!

Well anyway,  we get there and I start snapping away…


2 3


Aren’t they the cutest!?  Like seriously!?
So we move up to the Train Station at the park…it’s an amazing piece of architechture, I absolutly adore the structure.
As I was attempting to snag some more shots of these two, my boyfriend kept getting in my way, every where I turned he was there(which is clearly annoying to me while I’m trying to shoot).  That’s when the entire session did a complete 180 and turned the focus from our friends…..to ME!(nerve wrecking, I know!).

So this whole session was a fake(at least I got some cute shots right?). Jon had set up this entire scheme as our proposal(I seriously had NOT a CLUE in the world….I was OBLIVIOUS.  That’s how it should be though….right??)  So anyway, there we are in the middle of this GORGEOUS sunset:



Like I said….GORGEOUS SUNSET…I wouldn’t exaggerate that!
Right in the middle of this sunset, he gets down on one knee and POPS THE QUESTION!(It’s been 5 1/2 years in the making)
I of course said YES! =]

So, for your viewing pleasure here are our own Engagement shots!

123 124 125

Special thanks to our friends for keeping a secret and helping Jon carry out his secret mission!
And to my Mom w/the power of my camera at her finger tips for our pictures!