Project 52


I’ve been clicking around the internet lately looking for photography projects to give me some ideas on what to photograph and to continue to sharpen my skills, because you know, you are never done learning!

While browsing around the great wide web I came across a blog from Click It Up a Notch on Project 365 and Project 52. However as I am working a full time job, going to school full time and have little free time every day, I’ve chosen to partake in project 52. This will include at least one photo of every week of the year, starting with the Week of January 20th(this Monday) and going until the same week in January next year.

My goal is to find something to photograph every week, no matter what it is. A pencil, snow, my school work, my dogs, horses or people. Anything!   I want to shoot with Natural light but also want to challenge myself to start working with my flash and creating imagery that way as well.

I am hoping that everyone enjoys my posts each week!


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Maybe you’re interested in one of these projects for yourself??
Here are two helpful links from Click It Up a Notch!

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(I’ll come back later this weekend to show you my picture for this week!)