Week 2 – More Snow

It is Saturday of Week 2!
Nothing any more new or exciting than the ending of last week…
Just MORE Snow. I think we got another 2 inches today….honestly I cannot remember the last time it snowed this much this often.
I remember the snow storm of 1996(I was 8) It was a lot of snow and then there was ice and we could use those runner sleds and we would ride them all the way from the top of our driveway all the way across the golf course stopping right before hitting the next road down. I als remember a lot of pinched and run over little fingers….that really hurt.
But anyway….it is 2014(there was also that snow storm back some where between 2004 and 2009 I think too, HUGE pile up of traffic for a couple days on route 80 in PA. insane). So, 2014, so far we’ve had 2 HUGE snow events(I say huge, other people in other states will call it a dusting I’m sure!) We ended up with 9 inches at my apartment here after the storm on Tuesday, I think the storm before this was 6 inches. And then again today we added 2 more inches to that 9 inches.  SO much of this fluffy white stuff its insane!

So, without further adew and further walks back through my memory lane. Here are Week Two’s images!!!

Enjoy!  =D

snow 003a snow 004a

Snow falling in the street lights =]

snow 006a

Church on Broad Street,

snow 012a snow 013a

Main Street, in the dark and snow =]