Week 3

Week 3 has been very busy, I haven’t had any snow days(thankfully!) to entice me to take a walk with my big camera and so, this week you are getting pictures from my phone. Yes the quality is not alway the best with phone photos, however, our phones are always with us, so if we’re driving and see a lovely sunset we can pull over and snap a picture. For me, taking my camera to the barn is a big ordeal and in the barn its a pain to try and capture the horses with the poor lighting, the dust and the lack of distance I can put between me and the horses(who know, no personal space).  So, my phone comes in handy when I want to snap some cute and creative shots of the pony.

hails1 hails2

I don’t know about you, but the upper right one here is just nifty to me, the sunlight shining through the door behind her and lighting up her hair on her face but the rest of her is a shadow. =] Oh and don’t mind her sad face in the upper left, she couldn’t find any grass in the giant pile of snow.


Pony all ready to go, it was our first above freezxing day here, the ring was GREAT(soft and squishy, not frozen) and the horses were SO happy to be out and working again.  After being stuck in the snow for the last 2 months they are happy to get into the ring and stretch their legs and bodies out.  =]

More snow is currently falling….look for pictures of the packable white stuff next week!