Updates from Weeks 5 & 6

Hello everyone!
I could NOT find time the last two weeks to 1. take out my Nikon D600 or 2. post any of my phone shots from the week. So here you go, as we are once again on the east coast getting ready to get SLAMED by another stupid snow storm that could drop another FOOT of snow on South Eastern PA.  Seriously!? Ugh. I am SO over snow.  So, I suppose if I feel like capturing MORE snow pictures I’ll be out there again Sunday night to get some shots….I really don’t think I will feel like seeing it..I am so tired of the snow and cold.  I just want warmth and sunshine!!!

This first picture(from my phone of course) is my brother’s F-250 in the snow at sunset. I was getting ready to leave his house during the 6 hour and 20 minute long rain delay of the DAYTONA 500 last Sunday and had to snap a shot from my car of the truck before I left. =)

 This is my niece Cassidy, she is wearing the under skirt for a flower girl dress I wore when I was 9 years old. Its ADORABLE that it kind of fits her and she likes to twirl in it.  Camera was at home that day as I came to our weekly family dinner straight from work. But couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture her in part of the dress.

Can I tell you HOW delicious these were?! Oh my goodness!  These are Chicken Parm Sliders. You can get the recipe here from The Slow Roasted Itallian. I will DEFINATELY be making these again! AMAZING!

 And then we had Valentine’s day in there at some point…I’m not a HUGE fan, but I’ll take any reason to accept pretty flowers. Especially when we have been getting hammered with COLD and SNOW and ICE since December.  I needed something SPRING like around me! And boy did they make our kitchen smell like SPRING! =D

Lastly for this post, I got around to asking two of my bridesmaids to stand with me on wedding day. My maid of Honor and a bridesmaid.

This image taken by: Frank King the photographer for their wedding in 2007.
This is Esther, my sister in law since 2007 and she’s been around since I was a teenager or something like that. She has been like a real live, blood sister to me since my brother found her so many years ago. And let me tell you, I am SO glad he found her, and that she decided (and continues to decide to) stick around.  She is probably one of the brightest, strongest, caring people I know. She gives wonderful advice, and as does everyone close to me in life, she deals with my crap very well.  She is an amazing individual and I am very happy to not only have her as my sister but honored to have her accept and stand next to me as my right hand lady leading up to and on my wedding day =] ❤

This Image Taken by EASTCOASTEVENTGROUP from Philadelphia PA, photographers for their wedding.
The next lady that was questioned was my newest family member(another sister-in-law, a girl can’t have too many right?) Allie.  Allie married my middle brother(I have 2 older brothers, I’m the youngest of the 3) on October 19, 2013. I acted as a bridesmaid in her vast bridal party and even picked up where needed in reading bible verses and trying to figure out how to bustle her crazy dress. *Side Note: They don’t make THAT bustling thing easy…at all!* Allie is a unique addition to our family, as she like sto spoil herself with things I find funny. I’m a simpleton and very fruggle. Allie likes Louis Vutton and the guy that makes the red soled shoes, whose name I can never A. remember or B. SPELL!  I enjoyed snapping a couple pictures at their wedding when I had the chance, you can see those in the wedding/events tab.  Allie is a fun person to be around, and always lends a listening ear when needed, and she is probably your best bet when it comes to needing a shopping buddy! =)

I still have to add to my bridal party so look forward to another post later =D

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