Week 7 – Drumline Homeshow

Saturday was the High School Drumline Homeshow!
And what a wonderful show it was, the first performance was great to watch and I hear the second performance was even better!!
Sadly I could only stay for the first performance, but I snapped a bunch of shots for the kids!

Next show will be the WGI Regional at Unionville High School!!  So exciting.

2014-03-09 homeshow1

2014-03-09 homeshow2

These kids do such a wonderful job every year. They put in a lot of work during rehearsal and at home in order to make their show season a success! They have a very devoted and passionate staff that helps keep them motivated and pushing forward to perform to the best of their abilities and if something seems to difficult these kids push through it like true champions!

It has been wonderful following this program with my cameras for the last 3 years, I wouldn’t have it any other way!