Week 12: Meet Gulliver Onida

Week 12 was super busy! Especially last Saturday!
Saturday was wedding dress shopping day….I’m not a HUGE fan of clothes shopping. Not a huge dress person. But after 10 dresses we found “the one”.  Not sure what that means for other brides, to me it just meant I found the dress that would look stunning in pictures, and in the environment of our ceremony. On top of that, I bought a horse from the Camelot Auction in New Jersey.  You can check out the facebook page that is devoted to saving these horses every week here.

His name is Gulliver Onida, Gulliver will be his every day name.
Onida is Native America for “eagerly awaited”.

gulliver gulliver2 gulliver3 gulliver4




Week 13 is going to be AMAZING!  May 1st through the 3rd is Tournament Indoor Association’s Championships in WildWood!
I seriously look forward to this weekend ALL year long!  During the weekend, weather permiting of course, we take INDOOR DRUMLINE OUTSIDE!  We’re on the beach, side walks, marching down the streets for rehearsals, it is just fantastic.  The kids put on an amazing show all year and these last 3 days are just fantastic and so exciting for them and the rest of the staff and parents!  So, I will try and post a couple previews to the blog over the weekend and then a big solid post once I get into editing all the images from the weekend and the shows!


Woo! Such an exciting time over here!!

To hold you over until then, here are a few images from last years championships weekend!