Brides, What’s Important to you?

I thought that posting a couple of blog post’s about wedding tips, specifically photography related would be beneficially for some people.  Being a bride to be myself, I thought I could share my personal experience and some insists I come across.

So, you have the man of your dreams, the ring is on your finger and you’re itching to plan!
First things first! Sit down TOGETHER(remember you’re getting married, everything should be WE not I or me. You are now a team, a union of two).  Like I was saying, sit down together and talk about what is important to each of you.
For us, the most important thing was Photography(I know, SHOCKING!). We wanted the EXACT photographer we knew could capture our day exactly the way we saw it through each moment. We wanted to see the bride getting ready, the groom getting dressed, a first look we wanted all of that captured.  So we searched, then we made a list of contenders. We spoke with them, asked for quotes and finally decided on our favorite =) Aside from that we moved on to venues for ceremony and reception and could be more relaxed with those since we didn’t place too much priorities on these items. But, the most important thing to take away from this, is that WE sat down and WE talked.  We discussed seasons and which we liked. I really like fall, but my fiance liked the idea of a May wedding, I was not set on a fall wedding, so we went with May. We both LOVE a county historical park near our home town, so we chose that as the ceremony location. But, we did all these decisions TOGETHER. We listened to each other and made the decisions.  The wedding may highlight and revolve around the bride, but the planning does not need to be that way. You are entering into a union of marriage, a union where there are two, not one.  There will be times where you compromise and give up something you wanted to do, to do what your spouse wants instead. So share the planning time. Even if your spouse doesn’t want to have much to do with the planning ask their opinion on big decisions, maybe skip their thoughts on flowers or colors, but ask what they think about food, the venue, etc.

This was the BEST piece of advice I found, honestly.
Seriously, don’t post pictures on your pinterest.  You are hiring a photographer for a reason, because you TRUST THEM to capture your memories of that day.  So LET THEM.  They know what they’re doing, trust me.  If you know you want a BIG family picture then mention that, if you want to do a first look mention that. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave the creativity and posing to your photographer.  I know this is hard, trust me I KNOW!  I want all these super cute poses and everything else you’re seeing on Pinterest, but just let it go. You need to trust your photographers, it is their job to capture gorgeous amazing images for you, so let them do it.

To go along with that, if you are hiring a photographer, make sure you are looking at their portfolio and speaking with them prior to hiring them.  Because if you don’t like their images or their personality it’s going to be a LONG day, and you will be more stressed about them getting the right pictures and them turning out the way you want.  Make sure the photographer is WHO you want as a person and vender and make sure that their STYLE and IMAGES are what you’re looking for.  Keeping these things in mind will make hiding from those pinterest posing guides and super cute shots a lot easier!


So, to conclude:
1. Plan the wedding TOGETHER, talk and discuss decisions!
2. Skip the Pinterest wedding photo’s and posing, you won’t need it!
3. Make sure you TALK to and view the PORTFOLIO of your potential wedding photographer!