Steel Stacks Session

Last night I spent time with the evening light and a lovely lady at the Steel Stacks.  I love the feel of old industrial settings, I enjoy walking around and imagining what it must have been like to work there or even over see the work there. I like to take in how it may have looked compared to how it looks today, with lighting fixtures falling from ceilings, rust eating away at the metals and the broken or missing glass panes in the once hundreds of windows. What was it like to work here?  What did it look like on the inside and how hot was it!? At any rate, we spent about an hour or so before our session walking around and takin in the site and the different architecture and then went into session mode and it was a lot of fun!

 steelstacks 047

steelstacks 049

steelstacks 051

steelstacks 053

steelstacks 001 steelstacks 071 steelstacks 072 steelstacks 084

Such a fun evening!