A Magical Cello Session

I met Olivia roughly a year or so ago through the marching band my fiance teaches with, she is a wonderful individual and I could probably sit here all day just telling you the amazing young woman she is.
Some how through our mutual time spent at marching band and indoor drumline I found out that Olivia is one of many talents, she is a swimmer, an excellent student, she plays the Cello and marched the bass drum for the past 2 outdoor and 2 indoor seasons (I believe). At any rate, some how through mild conversation it came to mind that I wanted to get some portraits of her and her Cello. It took about a year to iron out all the details and find “Free Time” that we shared on the same day. ¬†Finally the place and time worked out! Well, after a rain delay. But, A Las! One day past the planned date the rain stopped, the sun was shining, the light was glorious and the session went so well!

So, finally I managed to complete this wonderful and beautiful session with a wonderfully talented, down to Earth individual.
Olivia, I wish you nothing but the greatest success in all of your future endeavors, both musically related and non music related.
Enjoy your senior year both within your musical ensembles and outside of music, you will pursue and achieve such great and wonderful things!