Sunshine Session w/ Raven

Fall was beyond busy and crammed full of many different things, photo sessions, school work, my every day job and taking care of my own horse, But we made time to fit in a few extra sessions this fall, and they were wonderful!


This session is a pretty little black mare named Raven & her rider Corrine.  They’re a special pair, they know each other so well; as many horse and rider combinations do. Predictions are made based on prior knowledge as to what reactions Raven may have to specific variables as well as depending on her mood on a particular day her cooperation may be better or worse depending how she’s feeling (this is beyond normal for horses, they are their own individuals and you cannot tell them how to feel one day or the next, you simply work with them at their best or worst).

Raven cooperated for her photo shoot this day, riding around in the warm sunshine and stepping into the creek for a few shots.  Sometimes she was less than amused with the ideas for certain pictures, but she was a good girl! DSC_5900 DSC_6002