The Future Mr & Mrs O.

You may not know this about me, I love couples, second to all the fabulous High School Seniors I get to capture, I like capturing the love between two people and getting to know them as individuals and a couple.
I have known Katie since High School, we spent a lot of time in choir together (choir kids and band kids unite!) during High School, it was a great time.  At any rate, that’s enough thinking about the old days; today Katie is engaged to Matt the fire Lieutenant at his local fire company, which if you talk to any fire person, literally EVER they absolutely love, cherish and are completely serious about the work they do. Which is fantastic for those of us who may one day need a firemen such as Matt to come rescue our home, pets or family members.  What I found quite intriguing about Matt was through talking with him was that he not only felt that way about his position within his fire company but you could simply tell that he felt and responded that exact same way to Katie.  These two (and I almost forgot little Ms. Reese!) are the cutest two people ever, I adore them and their wedding next June will surely show off their love and their fabulousness.