Do You “Catch My Drift”?

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Corrine and her ponies previously, you may remember Raven a slender black pony from a previous post or two.  Well, the day came when Corrine had outgrown Raven and the needed to part ways and continue on their paths of life in separate directions.  Raven went to a home where she’s enjoying a more retirement or semi retired life, while Corrine found companionship and a new partnership with a dark bay pony named Catch My Drift, known as Cody by his barn friends.  I’ve also previously had the privilege of knowing Cody from a previous barn I boarded with as well as knowing his previous owners. So, it was a nice afternoon of catching up with the two of them, and giving Cody some nose and neck scratches.

I’ve been riding horses most of my life, I didn’t grow up on a farm, or from a well to do family. I simply found horses and fell in love with them.  I’ve been finding and bonding with horses since I was 9 years old. I’ve always worked very hard to afford the activity as well as worked hard to continue to achieve and exceed my individual goals. Riding takes a lot of work, as does raising the horses you ride; but the hard work is always worth it.

Having horses should always be about the fun. The fun in building a strong relationship from the ground up. The fun of working hard together to achieve your personal goals. The fun of attending horse shows, clinics or trail rides and taking something really important away from every outing and every ride. You’re never too old to learn and you certainly never have learned it all. There is always something to improve upon for next time; and even this should be fun. If it’s lost the “fun”, what’s the point?

Last few previews for Corrine & Cody before their albums are sent out!

CatchMyDrift (1 of 20) CatchMyDrift (2 of 20) CatchMyDrift (6 of 20) CatchMyDrift (13 of 20)

CatchMyDrift (14 of 20) CatchMyDrift (20 of 20)