Sun, Sand and Donkeys; An Escape from Winter

Yes, donkeys.  Because, what vacation is complete without a little visit with equine friends?  Back in January we set out on our “honeymoon”, married in May we pushed out full honeymoon off a bit.  So, January arrived after a stress filled holiday season and we set off to the Happy Island of Aruba.  We’ve never visited an island together, let alone ventured outside the country in our seven years together.  We packed our bags, made sure all our camera equipment was ready for the trip and headed to the airport. We arrived in Aruba a few short horse later and were greeted by the bright warm sun and a nice island breeze.  During our entire trip we experienced very little cloud cover and not a rainstorm in sight.  Aruba, from what we learned is known for the terrific weather, specifically during that time of the year; just outside the rainy season which ended in December.  We adventured around the island, visiting landmarks such as the California Lighthouse, The old Goldmine Ruins, the (now collapsed) Natural Bridge & Little Natural Bridge. In the evenings we sat on the beach and watched the sun set on the ocean while pelicans flew around and dove into the water.  Our favorite location was Baby Beach, where we snorkeled and experienced a small portion of the wonder in the ocean. Viewing the coral and colorful fish. After an afternoon of snorkeling we visited Charlie’s Bar, a unique little bar filled with treasures from many different places.

Our trip was relaxing and filled with perfect weather and fun places to visit.  Sadly, after a week we had to return home and just in time for the Blizzard of 2016.  We would have preferred to stay on the island an additional week…..or five.

Until we visit again; here are some of our photos from our week in Aruba: One Happy Island.