The Horse-Rider Bond

Horses and Riders.
Riders and Horses.

Our bond with our equine partners is unbreakable.
We spend so much time with our four legged counter parts.
We put all of our trust in them not to put us in danger.
To protect us as well as trust what we ask of them.

Our horses put a lot of trust in us.
We work together, form a bond and ask them to jump hurdles and walk through obstacles.
We ask a lot of our horses. We tack them up and take them to unnatural places.
We ask them to allow us to sit upon their backs and help us fly.
They accept our faults.
And they help us through our anxieties, troubles and are our biggest supporter.

Horses and Riders.
Riders and Horses.
Its an amazing and special connection.

When did you first connect with a horse?
What was your experience?
How did you feel?
What do you love most about the bond you share with your horse?