Natali Family Maternity

The Natali’s added a handsome little man to their Family in August.
The little guy wasn’t expected until after Labor Day, but he wanted his very own Birth Month!  In speaking with Shawn before their session with their older daughter, we chatted about how many of their extended family members share birth months and even birthdays!
Well, little Caleb joined the crew in August, the only month where no one else shares a birthday!  He arrived two weeks early and was the cutest little bundle!

For their Maternity session Shawn expressed wanting to capture this special time in their lives, going from a family of three to a family of four. It’s a big transition. Big Sister Caitlin and her Parents walked along the trails in Green Lane Park, they ran, they hugged each other, Cait hugged Baby Brother.  She climbed and laughed and ran. She did exactly what toddlers do! And it was a beautiful time! A time without technology. A time claimed for each other, for their family and to enjoy being just the three of them before baby arrived.

When was the last time you claimed a day for your family?