Welcome to 2019

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

It’s crazy to me, that it is 2019!

New Years bring new changes. But change is a great and amazing thing!
I mean, I’m sitting here watching my 8 month old eat supper…talk about CHANGE!


I wanted to sit down and take a few moments to share some changes with you. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes here working on  amazing changes for our dear clients and fans.

Our biggest and best change is our switch from Digital Images to Wall Art and other forms of artwork.
Why you ask?
As your photographer and friend I am the biggest advocate for you to have the very best experience.

The New Experience:
Your experience begins with phone calls going over everything you love the most about those you will share your photography experience with; your spouse, children, pets, etc. These calls are my focus and become the focus of what I capture during the photography session.  Your sessions are FUN, ACTIVE and NATURAL.
After your session we will sit down for your design consultation to design your wall art or Photo Albums. You will see in REAL TIME the photographs and memories captured from your session and you will be able to choose your favorites, design you album and artwork that day.

Why the switch to Art work?
Simply put, as your advocate I KNOW you DESERVE better than digital files that can get lost and pushed to the depths of our computers and phones.

In this new digital age, we take a split second for a family photo, get the digital copy that “we know we want” and then what happens to it?  That image sits on our phones, computers a USB storage drive.  But, what is in our homes?  What do we have to pass down to our children? Our Grandchildren?  How will our family remember our legacy after we’ve left the Earth?

Digital images get lost in the day to day.  They cannot anchor us to our most precious and cherished moments in our lives.  We can swipe left and swipe right to view at a quick pace but are we actually able to sink ourselves fully into the images landing on our screens? Do our digital portraits really bring us back to the emotions and and pull of that time we spent with our loved ones? Or transport us to our favorite places?


I hope you are as excited about our Art Work Offerings, to learn more and see samples visit our Wall Art Page on our website! There are art offerings for every size and style of home and every budget!