Lindsay & Nakai

Lindsay & Nakai are a special pair.
Lindsay wasn’t exactly looking for a new horse, but she stumbled across Nakai many moons ago by accident.  His owners were looking for someone to exercise their horse, as he seemed a bit overly energetic. When Lindsay first met Nakai she was greeted by a bay Appaloosa gelding with attitude.

Linda wasn’t Nakai’s biggest fan but they slowly formed a relationship, through the Appytude and all of Kai’s silly shenanigans; that let’s be honest, every single Appaloosa has.  Eventually Nakai’s owners were selling the farm and needed somewhere for Nakai to go, because Lindsay & Nakai had spent so much time together and formed a relationship his owners chose Lindsay as Nakai’s new forever partner.

The rest, as they say is history.  Lindsay and Nakai are The Equine Bond.
They encompass everything that a bond is and should be.  They respect each other, They care for each other and they know how to get on or stay off of each others nerves.  Nakai is very playful, even in his late 20’s!  The pair have tried many different forms of the Equestrian sport from jumping, reining, western, trails, endurance rides and NACMO courses.  However, all accomplishments aside, Lindsay’s all time favorite time with Nakai is simply sitting in his stall quietly listening and taking in the sounds of Kai eating his grain and hay, occasionally sharing a morsel with Lindsay.  There is something so peaceful and relaxing about sitting quietly with your horse. The time here seems to reset our souls and relax our stress away – if only for a moment.


*What brings you the most Joy when you’re with your horses or pets?