Snow Much Fun

So far this winter we’ve had ONE snow storm.  It wasn’t even really a “storm”  since we’re talking about Pennsylvania and we usually get something close to 20+ inches of snow each winter season, give or take.  But, we adventured out to Caitlin’s barn where she keeps her Percheron Draft Apollo.  Apollo is a giant!

Apollo came into Caitlin’s life shortly after she lost her OTTB Mare.  Apollo showed up at a time when Caitlin needed love and comfort the most. He has helped her through the loss of her mare and the pair have moved forward to win ribbons and year end awards through their local 4-H club.  They are currently working through a lameness injury Apollo sustained at the end of last year, but these two are so adorable together you can just feel the love when you’re with them.

Our session together was bitter cold, windy and the snow was just dumping from the skies.  We laughed and shivered in the cold, wet wintery weather.  But, look how cute and fun their pictures turned out to be!  I can’t wait to go back to their farm this spring to capture the two of them again!