Sammy’s Bullfrog Cafe

Welcome to our first feature for our Pandemic Photography Project!
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The first in year in business is a challenge for most restaurants.  The first year sets the pace and gives a glimpse into the success of the business. Talk about stress! Now add in a global pandemic while trying to create a new customer base, and challenges build up rapidly!

This was the case for Sammy’s Bullfrog Café owned by Chef Sam and his partner Kayla.  Sam & Kayla opened Sammy’s in October 2019 for breakfast and lunch. The Café gave way for Sam’s culinary creativity which includes: putting a twist on hometown favorites, comfort food, and enjoyable treats (check out the macarons!).  The first few months in business were going great, then in March 2020 the Pandemic took a fierce hold on Montgomery County. By March 16th the state shut down in person dining and all non-essential businesses for at least two weeks.  This was a swift knock down for all business unable to continue remote work.  Sammy’s however took the hit and shut down completely for three weeks. They then reopened with curbside pickup for breakfast and lunch in hopes to keep the business afloat. Following the ever-changing State mandates and guidelines Sam & Kayla continued to learn and persevere. They continued curbside pickup until July when the state entered the green phase. It was here when they opened at 50% indoor dining & 50% outdoor seating under their tent, while continuing curbside pickup.   

Sammy’s is currently open at 50% indoor capacity for dine in service while still offering pick-up service. Employees are wearing the required face masks during their shifts and wiping down and sanitizing everything in between uses, handwashing/sanitizing and making sure they’re keeping up with the latest information regarding the pandemic.  They are even making sure that each customer receives their own individual creamers, sugars, etc. instead of leaving the usual bowl on the table. 

What is one of the lessons they have learned in their first year of business while in a pandemic? Kayla says, don’t take normalcy for granted!  These could not be truer words! Sam, Kayla & the staff at Sammy’s Bullfrog Café are hopeful that the increase in vaccinations & decrease in cases will start to lend more of a safe feeling to our community and encourage them to come back out to dine once again.

Sammy’s Bullfrog Cafe is located in the heart of Harleysville, PA (you can find their full contact info at the bottom).  Sam and Kayla are both very down to earth and passionate.  You are immediately encapsulated by their passion for their cafe and community. As you walk in the doors to Sammy’s you’re greeted by “smiling” faces (they’re all wearing masks, but you can tell there’s a cheery smile there) and amazing smells that immediately make you hungry. Sam prepared the Bullfrog Burger & a beautiful Avacado Toast! They look as delicious as they smelled coming out of the kitchen, but I highly recommend stopping by and trying for yourself or ordering something to go!

Sammy’s Bullfrog Café

282 Hunsberger Lane, Harleysville


Hours for Dine in or Curbside
Monday – Sunday 8am to 2pm

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