2021 Photography Project

Enter Stock 2020 was tough paragraph: If we’re being honest with ourselves, last year was a challenging year for everyone. No one was excluded from the Global Pandemic and the wave of emotions and challenges it brought with it. Every single person, in every country was affected by different challenges brought on by a health crisis enveloping the Earth.

Our front line workers were pushed to extremes, people whose jobs weren’t considered essential were sent home for months on more than one occasion, children were sent home from school and told to change their entire learning platform while attempting to focus through the distractions of home. Parents and care takers were also tasked with the challenge to work from home while also caring for their loved ones. Pets were happy and confused as their humans spent more and more time with them.

It was a weird and trying year. But, a lot of good peeped through during these times. Neighbors were helping neighbors, stopping for needed supplies and delivering to those that could not or feared leaving their homes because they were vulnerable to the virus. Families forced to work from home were gifted more time with their children and learned to focus more on what really matters and less on the job.

As a community we leaned hard into our healthcare workers, grocery employees, truck drivers, farmers, pet care specialists and more to help provide us with everything we needed to continue life at home safely and healthy. We most certainly cheered them on from inside our homes, but I feel that we took them for granted sometimes, not realizing that many had families at home and chose to stay away from home to keep their loved ones safe and healthy. A difficult, though hopefully rewarded sacrifice as we slowly turn the page to finding the best ways to cope and travel through this crisis. I am hopeful that this year brings new and useful knowledge to our world and our individual communities to fight off COVID-19 and bring those who were separated from their loved ones back together, to bring peace and the hope of a bright future for those missing loved ones that departed too soon.

So, without further delay I present my 2021 Photography Project

Objective: To highlight small businesses within our community and how they are overcoming the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Throughout this project I will be traveling to different local businesses and non-profit organizations impacted by the pandemic, photographing who they are and what they do. Afterwards, I will be featuring each business in a series of images on my website and social media pages. These features will highlight who the business is, what they do and how the pandemic has impacted them and how they are overcoming the continued challenges. 

The documentary series will be captured through digital photography in black and white format.

Photodocumentary will occur at the business location while employees and owners are working and completing their day-to-day tasks. Photographing these usual moments of the daily business activities will display the work and purpose of the organizations and highlight the hardworking people of our community.

To nominate a small business or to apply follow the link below:

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