Week 8

Week 8, a little late.
It is hard to decide what to post here. But at the same time, it’s just a blog post about things I thought were worthy of a photograph. To be captured in time and remembered, right?  I mean not everyone has to agree with what I find to be a moment or item worth saving in time, only I need to think that.
Well, with that being said I got my shiny new lens this week, it came on Tuesday!  I haven’t had much time to play with it and figure out its potential, that will come on Saturday at the WGI Regional.
Instead, I snapped a few before, during and after shots of my 15 and half year old peekapoo Maggie.  I bought clippers for her and the pony to get them in tip top shape for spring, can’t be looking too shabby these days! So, with that said, Maggie clearly got groomed at home by me, I’m not that terrible but she doesn’t cooperate well at home like she does for the groomers.
I also took out my external flash and gave that a go as well, since the lighting in this apartment at night is just horrible!  Yellow lights…I can’t stand them!  They make the whole room yellow-orange in hue. Terrible.


a b
These were both after her bath…she doesn’t enjoy baths either. But I think she would take a bath over the grooming any day.


As soon as she could get herself free of the bathroom and the devilish clippers she was running around the apartment all happy to be away from the evil clippers.

d e

And well, after you run around for a little at age 15 you get really tired, so you lay down to take a little rest. But you’re disturbed by some crazy person with a giant, bright flashy thing and you can’t sleep!  How rude!
She’s so cute though!

Stand by for next weeks post about the WGI regional with my new lens! Should be epic!!!