Let’s Catch Up!

Let’s Catch Up! It’s been a busy last few week for us here.
The Indoor Percussion season is coming to a close(Finals at May 1-4 in Wildwood) and the kids have been taking on shows left and right and making GREAT impacts! I have a lot of images to share from the WGI Regional back during week 9. However, the process of getting a new computer up and running and the transfering software and images and making sure everything is running properly is taking longer than expected…mechanical issues, parts missing. Oy Vey!  At any rate, they expect I should have it and ready to go in the next day or so, which means I can get back to editing my images.

a c d e f g h i j



This past weekend was filled with excitement, my best friend’s wedding was on the agenda and was absolutely lovely. However, I told myself to leave the camera at home and let the pro’s do their thing and do it well =Dasdfadf wedding

Lastly, to get you ALL caught up on events worth having pictures of recently.  My 5 year old neice and I donated our hair to Pantene Beautiful lengths campaign. 9 inches each, going to make wigs for kids.

cas hair1 hair2


And lastly, I am SO very happy that spring is here. Warmer weather has been GREAT for riding. Pony has already had a bath and looked gorgeous, then  proceeded to go roll in her stall shavings.  So I will leave you with the pretty pony.  Miss. Hailey.