The Beauty that is Tioga County, PA

There  is quite literally *nothing* that brings peace, simplicity and gratitude into my life more than this town in North Central Pennsylvania.

I practically grew up here, my family visited my Great Aunt and Uncle as often as I could remember, my parents spent my childhood dreaming of purchasing property up there and being able to spend even more time up there. At the age of 12 that glorious moment happened when my parents found a property on the side of a mountain right up the street from our extended family members.  My Dad bought farm equipment and started helping my Uncle farm the land, we rode four wheelers all over God’s great creation. The views are endless and gorgeous. The town is quaint and filled with a sense of simplicity all nestled within the history of the little town in the middle of no where.  But, what is no where? Where is no where? To me, no where is where there is no cell phone service, where wireless internet is something new, and there are endless views of rolling mountains, trees and wildlife with very little interrupting the gorgeous views. It is somewhere to be appreciated for everything that it is and everything that it is not. It requires you to let go of EVERYTHING and forget, just for a few days that life isn’t about rushing around and going crazy over the stress of deadlines and getting to work on time through all the crazy suburban traffic that is South Eastern PA and Philadelphia.  It is a place that may not BE “HOME” but every time you’re there you feel more at home than ever before.