Little *C* is 9 Months

Little *C* was enjoying his time strolling through the decorated town for his 9 month session, which is doubling as a nice holiday session for his parents!  The decorations throughout town gave little *C* some fun things to check out. He even stopped to admire himself in a brightly colored Christmas ball!

Harvest Sunset Session

I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my past Seniors recently for an idea I dubbed “Sunset Harvest”. The entire idea was to capture the presence of fall in the warm light of sunset.  We traveled over to Green Lane Park at sunset to get started, and while the park found last week to be an excellent time to mow their tall, brown grass around the park, we managed to find a remaining tiny patch to use.  As we walked around the one end of the park (the park is huge by the way…there’s so many places to go we had to plan ahead on what areas to use) we found some fence rails, gravel walking paths and the small patch of left over brown tall grass – or weeds if you will.

The results were gorgeous!  Thanks to my lovely model for all her hard work and for finding some time in her busy schedule to fit me and my creative ideas in!



If you’re interested in modeling for us, send us an e-mail at:  and we’ll add you to our model contacts for future creative and styled shoots!

Natali Family Fall Session

We have LOVED watching little Caitlyn grow up the past 7 months!  We cannot believe how big she has gotten!  Last weekend we spent the morning with Caitlyn, her parents, grandparents and her Uncles!  It was a gorgeous day; the sun was shining, there was a nice warm breeze and the surroundings at the park were just gorgeous and full of fall color!

Miss Caitlyn is 6 months old

Little Miss Caitlyn has hit the 6 month old benchmark!  To celebrate this fun and exciting occasion in her little life she had a tea party with her piggy friend! And no tea party is complete without a pink tutu, a headband or pearls; am I right?

It was a gorgeous (and when I say gorgeous, I mean it was warm, humid and cloudy….) However, icky weather aside, Caitlyn’s session turned out FABULOUS!  I don’t think there was an image of hers I didn’t like.  It took a while to cull through the shots and pick out my favorites to edit & send to her Mom & Dad!   We can’t wait to see what Caitlyn’s 9 month and 1 year Cake Smash have in store for her (and us)!

C.R.B.’s 3 month session!

Little Colton is not so little anymore! He is growing like a weed! He is growing so long(tall) and he wiggle so much he practically wiggles across the room! Being’s he is almost, actually closer to 6 months old I cannot believe how close he appears to be to crawling!  I cannot wait until his 6 month session, his parents have such creative ideas in store for his sessions!

D & M’s *Harry Potter* Wedding

Family friends of ours got married a few weeks ago; it was a GORGEOUS (literally, gorgeous, I’m not a fan of summer or the heat and I thought it was a gorgeous day out!) day, the weather fully cooperated. Not too hot, nice breeze to cool everyone off during the outdoor ceremony and reception.  Oh, did I mention that the wedding theme was HARRY POTTER?  Yes, indeed it was Harry Potter themed and boy did they do a wonderful job creating the fantasy setting as well as hosting a fun and romantic evening! Check out some of the details of their day below!


Miss Caitlyn is 3 months old!

A little late, but; Miss Caitlyn turned three months old recently. Her Mom and I planned a super cute, mini ‘beach’ session to flaunt Caitlyn’s adorable little bikini!  Caitlyn is a happy little beach bum! She likes to hold onto her sunglasses and reach for her shovel and buckets.  Caitlyn also makes the most FANTASTIC faces, she always makes you giggle! She has grown SO much in such a short three month time period; babies grow so quickly!!

I cannot wait to see how Caitlyn grows and how much she learns in the future!!


Ang & Maili Engagement

Ang & Maili are getting married next June! In case you can’t tell, they’re super excited, and quite possibly the two most adorable people ever. Not to mention how wonder they are, not only together, but as individuals!  I am so glad I was able to spend time with these two for their portraits!

Ang & Maili, have a wonderful time planning all your teeny details for your amazing, special day!!

The “B” Twins!

M & E welcomed their double trouble bundle on Easter night!  What a fun little package the Easter Bunny delivered for this little family!  Everyone was happy, healthy and home within a week!  These little, adorable peanuts were just too cute to handle!  Little Raycin is so cool and relaxed. He just sleeps or watches whats happening in his surroundings. While his little sister (by a few seconds) , Hayleigh has a lot to say.  What a joy it will be to watch these two grow up and under the helpful guidance of their big sister Cassidy!
Welcome to the world Raycen & Hayleigh!


Little Miss Caitlyn

Little Miss Caitlyn joined us on March 13th, 2016.  She was an adorable, huggable, squishable and immediately lovable baby girl! While she was not a huge fan of our requests to pose in cute poses, or in cute baskets or boxes, or essentially anything her mom and I had thought of; she was perfectly content and happy just laying on the floor.  Her little Owl outfit was to die for and she looked SO precious in it!

We’ll be visiting with Caitlyn again at her three, six, nine and 12 month photos. Finishing out her first year of life with a cake smash next March!  So stay tuned!!