Welcome to 2019

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

It’s crazy to me, that it is 2019!

New Years bring new changes. But change is a great and amazing thing!
I mean, I’m sitting here watching my 8 month old eat supper…talk about CHANGE!


I wanted to sit down and take a few moments to share some changes with you. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes here working on  amazing changes for our dear clients and fans.

Our biggest and best change is our switch from Digital Images to Wall Art and other forms of artwork.
Why you ask?
As your photographer and friend I am the biggest advocate for you to have the very best experience.

The New Experience:
Your experience begins with phone calls going over everything you love the most about those you will share your photography experience with; your spouse, children, pets, etc. These calls are my focus and become the focus of what I capture during the photography session.  Your sessions are FUN, ACTIVE and NATURAL.
After your session we will sit down for your design consultation to design your wall art or Photo Albums. You will see in REAL TIME the photographs and memories captured from your session and you will be able to choose your favorites, design you album and artwork that day.

Why the switch to Art work?
Simply put, as your advocate I KNOW you DESERVE better than digital files that can get lost and pushed to the depths of our computers and phones.

In this new digital age, we take a split second for a family photo, get the digital copy that “we know we want” and then what happens to it?  That image sits on our phones, computers a USB storage drive.  But, what is in our homes?  What do we have to pass down to our children? Our Grandchildren?  How will our family remember our legacy after we’ve left the Earth?

Digital images get lost in the day to day.  They cannot anchor us to our most precious and cherished moments in our lives.  We can swipe left and swipe right to view at a quick pace but are we actually able to sink ourselves fully into the images landing on our screens? Do our digital portraits really bring us back to the emotions and and pull of that time we spent with our loved ones? Or transport us to our favorite places?


I hope you are as excited about our Art Work Offerings, to learn more and see samples visit our Wall Art Page on our website! There are art offerings for every size and style of home and every budget!



Natali Family Maternity

The Natali’s added a handsome little man to their Family in August.
The little guy wasn’t expected until after Labor Day, but he wanted his very own Birth Month!  In speaking with Shawn before their session with their older daughter, we chatted about how many of their extended family members share birth months and even birthdays!
Well, little Caleb joined the crew in August, the only month where no one else shares a birthday!  He arrived two weeks early and was the cutest little bundle!

For their Maternity session Shawn expressed wanting to capture this special time in their lives, going from a family of three to a family of four. It’s a big transition. Big Sister Caitlin and her Parents walked along the trails in Green Lane Park, they ran, they hugged each other, Cait hugged Baby Brother.  She climbed and laughed and ran. She did exactly what toddlers do! And it was a beautiful time! A time without technology. A time claimed for each other, for their family and to enjoy being just the three of them before baby arrived.

When was the last time you claimed a day for your family?

The Horse-Rider Bond

Horses and Riders.
Riders and Horses.

Our bond with our equine partners is unbreakable.
We spend so much time with our four legged counter parts.
We put all of our trust in them not to put us in danger.
To protect us as well as trust what we ask of them.

Our horses put a lot of trust in us.
We work together, form a bond and ask them to jump hurdles and walk through obstacles.
We ask a lot of our horses. We tack them up and take them to unnatural places.
We ask them to allow us to sit upon their backs and help us fly.
They accept our faults.
And they help us through our anxieties, troubles and are our biggest supporter.

Horses and Riders.
Riders and Horses.
Its an amazing and special connection.

When did you first connect with a horse?
What was your experience?
How did you feel?
What do you love most about the bond you share with your horse?

Natali Family 2018

We had a fun time with the Natali Family again.
As we our families grow, time together as a full fmaily become harder to organize and sometimes we need to schedule the time and take it for ourselves.

It’s important to take time and spend together.
It’s more important to claim that time and be 100% present.
To breathe. To take in the every sensation that is happening around us.
To appreciate the kids for exactly who they are TODAY and exactly what they love to do!

What are some of your favorite family moments?
When was the last time you claimed a day for yourselves?


Pumpkin Picking at Savidge Farms

Back in October we made our yearly family trip to a pumpkin patch to find that perfect pumpkin.  The day was gorgeous, be it a bit cold, but we all had a blast.

We visited Savidge Farms in Mertztown PA, a first time visit for us.  The farm was gorgeous.  The adventures and activities were endless for the kiddos.  There were Corn pits (sandboxes filled with corn), pre-picked pumpkins, numerous pumpkin patches where you take a nice hay wagon ride to and from.  There are old trucks sitting near the corn fields and corn maze offering a fun photo op!  And there are a bunch of old farm machines turned into a kids playground with slides and tunnels!  What Fun?!

There was truly fun for everyone.
We attended with Adults as well as children ranging in age from 5 Months to 9 years.
Everyone had a blast. My 5 month old really enjoyed the little red wagons used to hold the pumpkins, we made at least 20 laps around the farm in one.
Our nieces and nephews ages 2.5 and 9 yrs loved the farm machine play area and the corn pits.




Lena – 2019 PV Senior Session

We had the most GORGEOUS evening for Lena’s Senior Session!
It was a tad chilly with the setting fall evening, but we had a blast walking the Perkiomen Trail and chatting about all of her upcoming Senior Year excitement and what’s to come!  The banks of the Perkiomen Creek made a beautiful backdrop to our stroll and the sounds of the moving creek spoke beautifully to our souls, bringing a sense of peace and calm to our souls.

Sometimes, in this crazy world we need to take a moment, put our phones and technology down, and simply walk in the presence of the nature and Earth around us.  To re-center and to really notice what beauty we live among.

Where do you feel most at peace?


Shelly Wedding

There are not enough happy words in the world to describe these two joyous, fun loving, adventurous and kind people.  I love working with them, whether it has been their holiday portraits sessions, their engagement session or their wedding, they are always a blast to be with.

Maili and Angee got married on the most gorgeous day of June, it rained a brief time tin the morning and then the sun popped out and stayed the entire day! Angee was a most stunning bride and Maili could not have shown how in love with Angee she was anymore, the feelings and emotions just poured out of each of their souls!  But, it didn’t stop there, friends, family members and their church community showered these two wonderful people with so much love, happiness and well wishes for a bright and vibrant future together!

Their wedding was a blast, working with their very large family could not have been any easier than it was! And working with large families is tough!  The bridal party members were hysterical and seemed to have a blast getting ready, during the ceremony and for pictures!


Congratulations again Angee & Maili!

Wedding Details:

Venue: Church of the Holy Spirit – Harleysville
Brides Dress:
Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie
Filmography: Ed & Zach with Branded Productions
DJ: Jamie Callen with JBM LIVE
Flowers & Arrangements: The Fabulous Dawn Hunsdorfer


Kidd Family Maternity!

I met Shannon & Josh through a mutual friend a few years back. They are the sweetest and most comical people I have met, I love spending time with them and laughing about different topics.  Their baby girl is due this month and I cannot wait to meet her for her newborn session!

For their maternity session we met up at Penny Packer Mills Park one evening. The light was PHENOMENAL and I absolutely adored working with the parents to be to capture this amazing time in their lives before baby arrives!

I had a BLAST with this amazing group of Seniors just a few days before their graduation! Each one is heading to a new place & in a new direction! This lovely group of friends wanted to capture their friendship & High School memories just before graduation, and that is exactly what we did.

With three outfit changes and working with different aspect of the exterior of their High School we captures images of the entire group of friends (and individual shots for parents) with important pieces of their High School careers!


Congratulations again ladies!


Lauren *Senior 2017*

Wishing a HAPPY Graduation to Lauren!  She’s off to college in a few weeks to start her teaching studies!  It was a pleasure working with you on your Senior Portraits!


For Lauren’s Senior Session we traveled over to Green Lane Park one evening. The light was gorgeous & the park was filled with life!  We had a great time walking around the park discussing all of Lauren’s future plans & taking snuggle breaks with her puppy!