Valentine’s Day Newborn

Hello World!
I’d like to introduce the future; track star, saxophone player, dog and cat lover and computer savy guy…you know in about 20 years or so.  No one really knows what you will chose to do, maybe you’ll love and stick with music longer than your Dad (and aunt) did. Maybe you’ll take to the track like your Dad and run the sprints and hurdles or maybe you’ll find the long distance thing to be your way to go and follow your Mom’s love of running in 5K and 10K’s.  Whatever you decide to do and whatever brings you joy and happiness I hope you put all of you passion and heart and strength and your best go at it!  You have a whole life ahead of you little guy! Experience everything!

Everyone, meet Colton, and his Mom & Dad.




Sun, Sand and Donkeys; An Escape from Winter

Yes, donkeys.  Because, what vacation is complete without a little visit with equine friends?  Back in January we set out on our “honeymoon”, married in May we pushed out full honeymoon off a bit.  So, January arrived after a stress filled holiday season and we set off to the Happy Island of Aruba.  We’ve never visited an island together, let alone ventured outside the country in our seven years together.  We packed our bags, made sure all our camera equipment was ready for the trip and headed to the airport. We arrived in Aruba a few short horse later and were greeted by the bright warm sun and a nice island breeze.  During our entire trip we experienced very little cloud cover and not a rainstorm in sight.  Aruba, from what we learned is known for the terrific weather, specifically during that time of the year; just outside the rainy season which ended in December.  We adventured around the island, visiting landmarks such as the California Lighthouse, The old Goldmine Ruins, the (now collapsed) Natural Bridge & Little Natural Bridge. In the evenings we sat on the beach and watched the sun set on the ocean while pelicans flew around and dove into the water.  Our favorite location was Baby Beach, where we snorkeled and experienced a small portion of the wonder in the ocean. Viewing the coral and colorful fish. After an afternoon of snorkeling we visited Charlie’s Bar, a unique little bar filled with treasures from many different places.

Our trip was relaxing and filled with perfect weather and fun places to visit.  Sadly, after a week we had to return home and just in time for the Blizzard of 2016.  We would have preferred to stay on the island an additional week…..or five.

Until we visit again; here are some of our photos from our week in Aruba: One Happy Island.



Do You “Catch My Drift”?

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Corrine and her ponies previously, you may remember Raven a slender black pony from a previous post or two.  Well, the day came when Corrine had outgrown Raven and the needed to part ways and continue on their paths of life in separate directions.  Raven went to a home where she’s enjoying a more retirement or semi retired life, while Corrine found companionship and a new partnership with a dark bay pony named Catch My Drift, known as Cody by his barn friends.  I’ve also previously had the privilege of knowing Cody from a previous barn I boarded with as well as knowing his previous owners. So, it was a nice afternoon of catching up with the two of them, and giving Cody some nose and neck scratches.

I’ve been riding horses most of my life, I didn’t grow up on a farm, or from a well to do family. I simply found horses and fell in love with them.  I’ve been finding and bonding with horses since I was 9 years old. I’ve always worked very hard to afford the activity as well as worked hard to continue to achieve and exceed my individual goals. Riding takes a lot of work, as does raising the horses you ride; but the hard work is always worth it.

Having horses should always be about the fun. The fun in building a strong relationship from the ground up. The fun of working hard together to achieve your personal goals. The fun of attending horse shows, clinics or trail rides and taking something really important away from every outing and every ride. You’re never too old to learn and you certainly never have learned it all. There is always something to improve upon for next time; and even this should be fun. If it’s lost the “fun”, what’s the point?

Last few previews for Corrine & Cody before their albums are sent out!

CatchMyDrift (1 of 20) CatchMyDrift (2 of 20) CatchMyDrift (6 of 20) CatchMyDrift (13 of 20)

CatchMyDrift (14 of 20) CatchMyDrift (20 of 20)

A Reflection on *2014*

Oh, 2014…how wonderful you have proven to be!  I knew that 2014 would be an excellent year, but I look very forward to what 2015 has to offer!  To reflect back in 2014 I’d like to share a few of my favorite images from the past year!



Thank you to everyone who scheduled sessions with us, who modeled for us and who shared your experience with friends and family!  We look forward to working with you all again and many new friends, families and individuals in the new year!

Holiday Session in The *SNOW*






Right before Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving Eve to be exact) South Eastern PA got hit with a nice little snow storm that almost derailed this cute family session.  What a group of trooper’s this family is!  Coming out in the snow and gaining some fun images for their Christmas cards and to share with friends and family!  We changed our original location to some where closer to keep driving to a minimum and proceeded to capture these images in the middle of the snow fall!  So much fun!!!  Each one of these young ladies were/are in the marching band, the oldest sister graduated last year, their middle sister is graduating this year and then there is only the youngest left for the Marching band to graduate next!  What a wonderful experience it is always is to work with the Marching Band Members!

DSC_6930 DSC_6925 DSC_6921 DSC_6918 DSC_6913 DSC_6912 DSC_6910 DSC_6902

A Phenomenal *Senior* Session



This lovely individual was one of my senior sessions this fall, and what a glorious session this was!  Another Marching Band member graduating in 2015, spending all this time with this group has been amazing and it is quite sad to see them all graduate and go off into the world to pursue their dreams.

Ms. Caitlin is a spirited young women with a creative eye, artistic talents and unique interests that you don’t find in every high school student. Wonderful characteristics that will set her apart in the world and help her accomplish so many great things!

DSC_6299 DSC_6293 DSC_6276 DSC_6241 DSC_6223 DSC_6220 DSC_6218

The “R” Family Session



At the end of summer I held a photo contest, offering the winner a free session with us at a location of their choice.  The *R* family was our winner and opted for a November (a bit chilly and windy) morning. The kids were troopers, cooperating and smiling even through the shivering. As windy and cold as it was their images turned out wonderfully!

Honestly, I don’t think they could get ANY cuter!!!

RomanikFamily (4 of 4) RomanikFamily (3 of 4) RomanikFamily (2 of 4) RomanikFamily (1 of 4) DSC_6880 DSC_6870

Sunshine Session w/ Raven

Fall was beyond busy and crammed full of many different things, photo sessions, school work, my every day job and taking care of my own horse, But we made time to fit in a few extra sessions this fall, and they were wonderful!


This session is a pretty little black mare named Raven & her rider Corrine.  They’re a special pair, they know each other so well; as many horse and rider combinations do. Predictions are made based on prior knowledge as to what reactions Raven may have to specific variables as well as depending on her mood on a particular day her cooperation may be better or worse depending how she’s feeling (this is beyond normal for horses, they are their own individuals and you cannot tell them how to feel one day or the next, you simply work with them at their best or worst).

Raven cooperated for her photo shoot this day, riding around in the warm sunshine and stepping into the creek for a few shots.  Sometimes she was less than amused with the ideas for certain pictures, but she was a good girl! DSC_5900 DSC_6002

The Future Mr & Mrs O.

You may not know this about me, I love couples, second to all the fabulous High School Seniors I get to capture, I like capturing the love between two people and getting to know them as individuals and a couple.
I have known Katie since High School, we spent a lot of time in choir together (choir kids and band kids unite!) during High School, it was a great time.  At any rate, that’s enough thinking about the old days; today Katie is engaged to Matt the fire Lieutenant at his local fire company, which if you talk to any fire person, literally EVER they absolutely love, cherish and are completely serious about the work they do. Which is fantastic for those of us who may one day need a firemen such as Matt to come rescue our home, pets or family members.  What I found quite intriguing about Matt was through talking with him was that he not only felt that way about his position within his fire company but you could simply tell that he felt and responded that exact same way to Katie.  These two (and I almost forgot little Ms. Reese!) are the cutest two people ever, I adore them and their wedding next June will surely show off their love and their fabulousness.


The Beauty that is Tioga County, PA

There  is quite literally *nothing* that brings peace, simplicity and gratitude into my life more than this town in North Central Pennsylvania.

I practically grew up here, my family visited my Great Aunt and Uncle as often as I could remember, my parents spent my childhood dreaming of purchasing property up there and being able to spend even more time up there. At the age of 12 that glorious moment happened when my parents found a property on the side of a mountain right up the street from our extended family members.  My Dad bought farm equipment and started helping my Uncle farm the land, we rode four wheelers all over God’s great creation. The views are endless and gorgeous. The town is quaint and filled with a sense of simplicity all nestled within the history of the little town in the middle of no where.  But, what is no where? Where is no where? To me, no where is where there is no cell phone service, where wireless internet is something new, and there are endless views of rolling mountains, trees and wildlife with very little interrupting the gorgeous views. It is somewhere to be appreciated for everything that it is and everything that it is not. It requires you to let go of EVERYTHING and forget, just for a few days that life isn’t about rushing around and going crazy over the stress of deadlines and getting to work on time through all the crazy suburban traffic that is South Eastern PA and Philadelphia.  It is a place that may not BE “HOME” but every time you’re there you feel more at home than ever before.