A Magical Cello Session

I met Olivia roughly a year or so ago through the marching band my fiance teaches with, she is a wonderful individual and I could probably sit here all day just telling you the amazing young woman she is.
Some how through our mutual time spent at marching band and indoor drumline I found out that Olivia is one of many talents, she is a swimmer, an excellent student, she plays the Cello and marched the bass drum for the past 2 outdoor and 2 indoor seasons (I believe). At any rate, some how through mild conversation it came to mind that I wanted to get some portraits of her and her Cello. It took about a year to iron out all the details and find “Free Time” that we shared on the same day.  Finally the place and time worked out! Well, after a rain delay. But, A Las! One day past the planned date the rain stopped, the sun was shining, the light was glorious and the session went so well!

So, finally I managed to complete this wonderful and beautiful session with a wonderfully talented, down to Earth individual.
Olivia, I wish you nothing but the greatest success in all of your future endeavors, both musically related and non music related.
Enjoy your senior year both within your musical ensembles and outside of music, you will pursue and achieve such great and wonderful things!

Steel Stacks Session

Last night I spent time with the evening light and a lovely lady at the Steel Stacks.  I love the feel of old industrial settings, I enjoy walking around and imagining what it must have been like to work there or even over see the work there. I like to take in how it may have looked compared to how it looks today, with lighting fixtures falling from ceilings, rust eating away at the metals and the broken or missing glass panes in the once hundreds of windows. What was it like to work here?  What did it look like on the inside and how hot was it!? At any rate, we spent about an hour or so before our session walking around and takin in the site and the different architecture and then went into session mode and it was a lot of fun!

 steelstacks 047

steelstacks 049

steelstacks 051

steelstacks 053

steelstacks 001 steelstacks 071 steelstacks 072 steelstacks 084

Such a fun evening!

Week 12: Meet Gulliver Onida

Week 12 was super busy! Especially last Saturday!
Saturday was wedding dress shopping day….I’m not a HUGE fan of clothes shopping. Not a huge dress person. But after 10 dresses we found “the one”.  Not sure what that means for other brides, to me it just meant I found the dress that would look stunning in pictures, and in the environment of our ceremony. On top of that, I bought a horse from the Camelot Auction in New Jersey.  You can check out the facebook page that is devoted to saving these horses every week here.

His name is Gulliver Onida, Gulliver will be his every day name.
Onida is Native America for “eagerly awaited”.

gulliver gulliver2 gulliver3 gulliver4




Week 13 is going to be AMAZING!  May 1st through the 3rd is Tournament Indoor Association’s Championships in WildWood!
I seriously look forward to this weekend ALL year long!  During the weekend, weather permiting of course, we take INDOOR DRUMLINE OUTSIDE!  We’re on the beach, side walks, marching down the streets for rehearsals, it is just fantastic.  The kids put on an amazing show all year and these last 3 days are just fantastic and so exciting for them and the rest of the staff and parents!  So, I will try and post a couple previews to the blog over the weekend and then a big solid post once I get into editing all the images from the weekend and the shows!


Woo! Such an exciting time over here!!

To hold you over until then, here are a few images from last years championships weekend!


Brides, What’s Important to you?

I thought that posting a couple of blog post’s about wedding tips, specifically photography related would be beneficially for some people.  Being a bride to be myself, I thought I could share my personal experience and some insists I come across.

So, you have the man of your dreams, the ring is on your finger and you’re itching to plan!
First things first! Sit down TOGETHER(remember you’re getting married, everything should be WE not I or me. You are now a team, a union of two).  Like I was saying, sit down together and talk about what is important to each of you.
For us, the most important thing was Photography(I know, SHOCKING!). We wanted the EXACT photographer we knew could capture our day exactly the way we saw it through each moment. We wanted to see the bride getting ready, the groom getting dressed, a first look we wanted all of that captured.  So we searched, then we made a list of contenders. We spoke with them, asked for quotes and finally decided on our favorite =) Aside from that we moved on to venues for ceremony and reception and could be more relaxed with those since we didn’t place too much priorities on these items. But, the most important thing to take away from this, is that WE sat down and WE talked.  We discussed seasons and which we liked. I really like fall, but my fiance liked the idea of a May wedding, I was not set on a fall wedding, so we went with May. We both LOVE a county historical park near our home town, so we chose that as the ceremony location. But, we did all these decisions TOGETHER. We listened to each other and made the decisions.  The wedding may highlight and revolve around the bride, but the planning does not need to be that way. You are entering into a union of marriage, a union where there are two, not one.  There will be times where you compromise and give up something you wanted to do, to do what your spouse wants instead. So share the planning time. Even if your spouse doesn’t want to have much to do with the planning ask their opinion on big decisions, maybe skip their thoughts on flowers or colors, but ask what they think about food, the venue, etc.

This was the BEST piece of advice I found, honestly.
Seriously, don’t post pictures on your pinterest.  You are hiring a photographer for a reason, because you TRUST THEM to capture your memories of that day.  So LET THEM.  They know what they’re doing, trust me.  If you know you want a BIG family picture then mention that, if you want to do a first look mention that. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave the creativity and posing to your photographer.  I know this is hard, trust me I KNOW!  I want all these super cute poses and everything else you’re seeing on Pinterest, but just let it go. You need to trust your photographers, it is their job to capture gorgeous amazing images for you, so let them do it.

To go along with that, if you are hiring a photographer, make sure you are looking at their portfolio and speaking with them prior to hiring them.  Because if you don’t like their images or their personality it’s going to be a LONG day, and you will be more stressed about them getting the right pictures and them turning out the way you want.  Make sure the photographer is WHO you want as a person and vender and make sure that their STYLE and IMAGES are what you’re looking for.  Keeping these things in mind will make hiding from those pinterest posing guides and super cute shots a lot easier!


So, to conclude:
1. Plan the wedding TOGETHER, talk and discuss decisions!
2. Skip the Pinterest wedding photo’s and posing, you won’t need it!
3. Make sure you TALK to and view the PORTFOLIO of your potential wedding photographer!




Let’s Catch Up!

Let’s Catch Up! It’s been a busy last few week for us here.
The Indoor Percussion season is coming to a close(Finals at May 1-4 in Wildwood) and the kids have been taking on shows left and right and making GREAT impacts! I have a lot of images to share from the WGI Regional back during week 9. However, the process of getting a new computer up and running and the transfering software and images and making sure everything is running properly is taking longer than expected…mechanical issues, parts missing. Oy Vey!  At any rate, they expect I should have it and ready to go in the next day or so, which means I can get back to editing my images.

a c d e f g h i j



This past weekend was filled with excitement, my best friend’s wedding was on the agenda and was absolutely lovely. However, I told myself to leave the camera at home and let the pro’s do their thing and do it well =Dasdfadf wedding

Lastly, to get you ALL caught up on events worth having pictures of recently.  My 5 year old neice and I donated our hair to Pantene Beautiful lengths campaign. 9 inches each, going to make wigs for kids.

cas hair1 hair2


And lastly, I am SO very happy that spring is here. Warmer weather has been GREAT for riding. Pony has already had a bath and looked gorgeous, then  proceeded to go roll in her stall shavings.  So I will leave you with the pretty pony.  Miss. Hailey.


Week 8

Week 8, a little late.
It is hard to decide what to post here. But at the same time, it’s just a blog post about things I thought were worthy of a photograph. To be captured in time and remembered, right?  I mean not everyone has to agree with what I find to be a moment or item worth saving in time, only I need to think that.
Well, with that being said I got my shiny new lens this week, it came on Tuesday!  I haven’t had much time to play with it and figure out its potential, that will come on Saturday at the WGI Regional.
Instead, I snapped a few before, during and after shots of my 15 and half year old peekapoo Maggie.  I bought clippers for her and the pony to get them in tip top shape for spring, can’t be looking too shabby these days! So, with that said, Maggie clearly got groomed at home by me, I’m not that terrible but she doesn’t cooperate well at home like she does for the groomers.
I also took out my external flash and gave that a go as well, since the lighting in this apartment at night is just horrible!  Yellow lights…I can’t stand them!  They make the whole room yellow-orange in hue. Terrible.


a b
These were both after her bath…she doesn’t enjoy baths either. But I think she would take a bath over the grooming any day.


As soon as she could get herself free of the bathroom and the devilish clippers she was running around the apartment all happy to be away from the evil clippers.

d e

And well, after you run around for a little at age 15 you get really tired, so you lay down to take a little rest. But you’re disturbed by some crazy person with a giant, bright flashy thing and you can’t sleep!  How rude!
She’s so cute though!

Stand by for next weeks post about the WGI regional with my new lens! Should be epic!!!

Week 7 – Drumline Homeshow

Saturday was the High School Drumline Homeshow!
And what a wonderful show it was, the first performance was great to watch and I hear the second performance was even better!!
Sadly I could only stay for the first performance, but I snapped a bunch of shots for the kids!

Next show will be the WGI Regional at Unionville High School!!  So exciting.

2014-03-09 homeshow1

2014-03-09 homeshow2

These kids do such a wonderful job every year. They put in a lot of work during rehearsal and at home in order to make their show season a success! They have a very devoted and passionate staff that helps keep them motivated and pushing forward to perform to the best of their abilities and if something seems to difficult these kids push through it like true champions!

It has been wonderful following this program with my cameras for the last 3 years, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Updates from Weeks 5 & 6

Hello everyone!
I could NOT find time the last two weeks to 1. take out my Nikon D600 or 2. post any of my phone shots from the week. So here you go, as we are once again on the east coast getting ready to get SLAMED by another stupid snow storm that could drop another FOOT of snow on South Eastern PA.  Seriously!? Ugh. I am SO over snow.  So, I suppose if I feel like capturing MORE snow pictures I’ll be out there again Sunday night to get some shots….I really don’t think I will feel like seeing it..I am so tired of the snow and cold.  I just want warmth and sunshine!!!

This first picture(from my phone of course) is my brother’s F-250 in the snow at sunset. I was getting ready to leave his house during the 6 hour and 20 minute long rain delay of the DAYTONA 500 last Sunday and had to snap a shot from my car of the truck before I left. =)

 This is my niece Cassidy, she is wearing the under skirt for a flower girl dress I wore when I was 9 years old. Its ADORABLE that it kind of fits her and she likes to twirl in it.  Camera was at home that day as I came to our weekly family dinner straight from work. But couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture her in part of the dress.

Can I tell you HOW delicious these were?! Oh my goodness!  These are Chicken Parm Sliders. You can get the recipe here from The Slow Roasted Itallian. I will DEFINATELY be making these again! AMAZING!

 And then we had Valentine’s day in there at some point…I’m not a HUGE fan, but I’ll take any reason to accept pretty flowers. Especially when we have been getting hammered with COLD and SNOW and ICE since December.  I needed something SPRING like around me! And boy did they make our kitchen smell like SPRING! =D

Lastly for this post, I got around to asking two of my bridesmaids to stand with me on wedding day. My maid of Honor and a bridesmaid.

This image taken by: Frank King the photographer for their wedding in 2007.
This is Esther, my sister in law since 2007 and she’s been around since I was a teenager or something like that. She has been like a real live, blood sister to me since my brother found her so many years ago. And let me tell you, I am SO glad he found her, and that she decided (and continues to decide to) stick around.  She is probably one of the brightest, strongest, caring people I know. She gives wonderful advice, and as does everyone close to me in life, she deals with my crap very well.  She is an amazing individual and I am very happy to not only have her as my sister but honored to have her accept and stand next to me as my right hand lady leading up to and on my wedding day =] ❤

This Image Taken by EASTCOASTEVENTGROUP from Philadelphia PA, photographers for their wedding.
The next lady that was questioned was my newest family member(another sister-in-law, a girl can’t have too many right?) Allie.  Allie married my middle brother(I have 2 older brothers, I’m the youngest of the 3) on October 19, 2013. I acted as a bridesmaid in her vast bridal party and even picked up where needed in reading bible verses and trying to figure out how to bustle her crazy dress. *Side Note: They don’t make THAT bustling thing easy…at all!* Allie is a unique addition to our family, as she like sto spoil herself with things I find funny. I’m a simpleton and very fruggle. Allie likes Louis Vutton and the guy that makes the red soled shoes, whose name I can never A. remember or B. SPELL!  I enjoyed snapping a couple pictures at their wedding when I had the chance, you can see those in the wedding/events tab.  Allie is a fun person to be around, and always lends a listening ear when needed, and she is probably your best bet when it comes to needing a shopping buddy! =)

I still have to add to my bridal party so look forward to another post later =D

*Unless otherwise noted underneath images, all images are taken by and property of DennaB.Photography.

Think Spring with Spring Mini Sessions!

Getting ready for Easter & Mother’s Day!

and of course SPRING!!
We will be offereing 30 minute sessions at either Peace Valley Park or Fischer’s Park in Harleysville in April and May.

A Saturday and Sunday for each month.

Or we can set-up appointments in the afternoon/evenings at a location of your choice. *30 minute spring sessions will be $55 for session and 5 images on a disc.* Pricing for privately scheduled sessions depend on session duration, location and print package or number of digital images requested. Please email for more information on those.

*Think Spring! and Schedule your sessions today!!*