Broad Theater

A Souderton historic landmark, The Broad Street Theater closed back in 2004 and sat formant for nearly 16 years before the theater landed in the caring and creative hands of owners Kyle Hoff & Charlie Crown in 2019. 

Kyle and Charlie serve on one of the Souderton Borough Boards and had discussed on different occasions before and after board meetings the hope that someone would adopt the old theater and give it new life. Kyle who has renovated other local historic buildings was interested in the idea of renovating the theater and invested time into researching to determine the probability of success and the community need for the theater in Souderton. 

Once Kyle was happy with the results of his research, he approached Charlie to see if he’d be interested in taking on the project in partnership. The two joined into a business partnership and began the task of gaining Burrough approval and the many other tasks that are required before a hammer can even enter the shell of the old theater; all the while as the local community looked on with eager hearts.

Originally the pair were going to host two viewing theaters and then after communications with one of their venders decided to rotate the main floor theaters and add a third smaller theater upstairs.  Among other features in the revamped Broad Theater Kyle and Charlie invested in a special HVAC system with ultraviolet lights to help filter germs and circulate fresh air throughout. 

In addition to the HVAC system addition currently the theater is operating at 50% capacity, easily being put into action by their ticketing system which blocks off the seats in front, behind and to the sides of your parties reserved seats. There are shields in front of the concession stand & everyone is wearing masks and social distancing.  

The theater will host many new movie titles, independent films and some of your old favorites. 

The three viewing theaters are available for full rentals for private viewings or parties! 

Broad Theater finally opened the doors November 28, 2020 right in the middle of the pandemic! I think I speak for many Souderton area natives when I say we are thrilled and honored to see the Broad Theater come back to life and reclaim its place as a true treasure of Souderton.

24 West Broad Street , Souderton, PA 18964  

Phone 215-721-3530




Fry Side Design

Fry Side Design & Look on the Fry Side Blog

Meet Briana & Dave the dynamic duo behind Look on the Fry Side, a his, hers and family blog filled with 100% relatable content.  The pair focus on their personal interests in the his or her sections, Briana focusing on crafting. Gardening, motherhood and teaching among other interests and Dave sharing his love of sports, music and a whole lot of tech.  Together they create the “theirs” section, coming together to collaborate on family matters, adventures, product reviews that everyone with kids can relate to and most recently a couple of discussions regarding life at home with a toddler during the pandemic. 

But that’s not all these two are cooking up on their site.  Last fall the two launched a branch of Briana’s dream for a creative outlet that could provide something for the community out there on the interwebs, Welcome to Fry Side Design.  Briana is a creative individual constantly looking for different creative outlets from her gardens, sewing, and creating a comfy-cozy atmosphere to her home.  She really has an eye when it comes to design of any sort but her online shop specializes in printables from cards to home décor, with dreams to offer custom and shippable items in the future as the brand grows. 

How did the Pandemic affect these two?

Well, the pandemic actually helped create time and space to brain storm ideas and put them into action.  The blog originally launched in January of 2020 as a creative writing outlet for the husband and wife team and as the pandemic caused job loss and changes and sent Briana to teach from home, the creative team was really craving more creative outlets from home. In a time where a lot of negative was being shared and the Earth was encapsulated within the sphere of the global pandemic Dave and Briana were gifted the opportunity of more time at home together with their family and with that came time to truly focus on their creative endeavors and launch the start of their business in September 2020. 

One of the biggest lessons from the pandemic for them has been “the perpetual balance of life, work, family, health and safety”. Trying to manage the “normal” 9 to 5 jobs, parenthood, and starting and trying to grow a business is a new learning curve full of ups and downs, a similar road to parenthood and navigating every day life in a pandemic!

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Lavender Boutique

Lavender Boutique is an adorable little shop in Skippack Village, offering women’s clothing & accessories and gifts. The boutique started out four years ago as an online retail store and eventually grew to move into their current location in Skippack in August 2019. Owner Sohpie Em always found enjoyment and passion in the retail world and wanted to operate her own retail space eventually to continue her love for service and retail, Lavender Boutique offers her that and more!  While using local small businesses to outfit her boutique with jewelry, trinkets and whitty t-shirts, Sophie is making connections within the community & helping other businesses.  

When the COVID19 pandemic entered into Montgomery count last March, Sophie was forced to close the doors to her beloved boutique in order to follow State & Local mandates until the county was entered into the “yellow phase” of reopening in June.  During her months of closure Sophie & Lavender went back to their roots of online sales, hosting weekly Facebook live sales on their Facebook Group.  These live sales and online shopping helped keep the boutique alive during the closure. 

Once given the green light to reopen Lavender Boutique implemented the CDC guidelines for mask wearing, sanitizing, cleaning high touch surfaces, providing hand sanitizer for customers and also steam cleaning all handled clothing/apparel items if patrons decided they weren’t for them. Even after reopening Sophie continued to host their weekly Facebook Live Sales on Thursday evenings from the store.  

You can stop by and visit Sophie at Lavender Boutique in Skippack for a fun addition to your pandemic wardrobe of leggings and hoodies and change up your style this spring! Their adorable whitty T-shirts are sure to put a smile on your face & add a pair of gorgeous earrings by Astrea to complete your new outfit!

Lavender Boutique
4036 Skippack Pike, Skippack PA
*Parking is available in FRONT of the store or behind the store*
Hours: Wednesday through Friday 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Saturday 11:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Visit their Facebook page for their Thursday Live Sales at 6pm!

Facebook & Instagram: @shoplavenderpa

Sammy’s Bullfrog Cafe

Welcome to our first feature for our Pandemic Photography Project!
For more about the project read our post here.

The first in year in business is a challenge for most restaurants.  The first year sets the pace and gives a glimpse into the success of the business. Talk about stress! Now add in a global pandemic while trying to create a new customer base, and challenges build up rapidly!

This was the case for Sammy’s Bullfrog Café owned by Chef Sam and his partner Kayla.  Sam & Kayla opened Sammy’s in October 2019 for breakfast and lunch. The Café gave way for Sam’s culinary creativity which includes: putting a twist on hometown favorites, comfort food, and enjoyable treats (check out the macarons!).  The first few months in business were going great, then in March 2020 the Pandemic took a fierce hold on Montgomery County. By March 16th the state shut down in person dining and all non-essential businesses for at least two weeks.  This was a swift knock down for all business unable to continue remote work.  Sammy’s however took the hit and shut down completely for three weeks. They then reopened with curbside pickup for breakfast and lunch in hopes to keep the business afloat. Following the ever-changing State mandates and guidelines Sam & Kayla continued to learn and persevere. They continued curbside pickup until July when the state entered the green phase. It was here when they opened at 50% indoor dining & 50% outdoor seating under their tent, while continuing curbside pickup.   

Sammy’s is currently open at 50% indoor capacity for dine in service while still offering pick-up service. Employees are wearing the required face masks during their shifts and wiping down and sanitizing everything in between uses, handwashing/sanitizing and making sure they’re keeping up with the latest information regarding the pandemic.  They are even making sure that each customer receives their own individual creamers, sugars, etc. instead of leaving the usual bowl on the table. 

What is one of the lessons they have learned in their first year of business while in a pandemic? Kayla says, don’t take normalcy for granted!  These could not be truer words! Sam, Kayla & the staff at Sammy’s Bullfrog Café are hopeful that the increase in vaccinations & decrease in cases will start to lend more of a safe feeling to our community and encourage them to come back out to dine once again.

Sammy’s Bullfrog Cafe is located in the heart of Harleysville, PA (you can find their full contact info at the bottom).  Sam and Kayla are both very down to earth and passionate.  You are immediately encapsulated by their passion for their cafe and community. As you walk in the doors to Sammy’s you’re greeted by “smiling” faces (they’re all wearing masks, but you can tell there’s a cheery smile there) and amazing smells that immediately make you hungry. Sam prepared the Bullfrog Burger & a beautiful Avacado Toast! They look as delicious as they smelled coming out of the kitchen, but I highly recommend stopping by and trying for yourself or ordering something to go!

Sammy’s Bullfrog Café

282 Hunsberger Lane, Harleysville


Hours for Dine in or Curbside
Monday – Sunday 8am to 2pm

Check out Sammy’s Menu Options Here
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2021 Photography Project

Enter Stock 2020 was tough paragraph: If we’re being honest with ourselves, last year was a challenging year for everyone. No one was excluded from the Global Pandemic and the wave of emotions and challenges it brought with it. Every single person, in every country was affected by different challenges brought on by a health crisis enveloping the Earth.

Our front line workers were pushed to extremes, people whose jobs weren’t considered essential were sent home for months on more than one occasion, children were sent home from school and told to change their entire learning platform while attempting to focus through the distractions of home. Parents and care takers were also tasked with the challenge to work from home while also caring for their loved ones. Pets were happy and confused as their humans spent more and more time with them.

It was a weird and trying year. But, a lot of good peeped through during these times. Neighbors were helping neighbors, stopping for needed supplies and delivering to those that could not or feared leaving their homes because they were vulnerable to the virus. Families forced to work from home were gifted more time with their children and learned to focus more on what really matters and less on the job.

As a community we leaned hard into our healthcare workers, grocery employees, truck drivers, farmers, pet care specialists and more to help provide us with everything we needed to continue life at home safely and healthy. We most certainly cheered them on from inside our homes, but I feel that we took them for granted sometimes, not realizing that many had families at home and chose to stay away from home to keep their loved ones safe and healthy. A difficult, though hopefully rewarded sacrifice as we slowly turn the page to finding the best ways to cope and travel through this crisis. I am hopeful that this year brings new and useful knowledge to our world and our individual communities to fight off COVID-19 and bring those who were separated from their loved ones back together, to bring peace and the hope of a bright future for those missing loved ones that departed too soon.

So, without further delay I present my 2021 Photography Project

Objective: To highlight small businesses within our community and how they are overcoming the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Throughout this project I will be traveling to different local businesses and non-profit organizations impacted by the pandemic, photographing who they are and what they do. Afterwards, I will be featuring each business in a series of images on my website and social media pages. These features will highlight who the business is, what they do and how the pandemic has impacted them and how they are overcoming the continued challenges. 

The documentary series will be captured through digital photography in black and white format.

Photodocumentary will occur at the business location while employees and owners are working and completing their day-to-day tasks. Photographing these usual moments of the daily business activities will display the work and purpose of the organizations and highlight the hardworking people of our community.

To nominate a small business or to apply follow the link below:

Click Here to Enter

Winter Pony Portraits

Winter isn’t exactly the most exciting time to be an equestrian or horse owner. Between the frigid temperatures, ice and snow or the warm winters with rain and mud, it’s really a struggle to find motivation anywhere to do anything outside of care for our four legged companions.

In Pennsylvania it’s a roll of the dice which type of winter we’ll have, or if we’ll have some of each. Either way, unless we’re actively showing throughout the season our horses begin to look a little scruffy, rough around the edges or as equestrians may call it they look “homeless”. As horse enthusiasts and riders we attempt to crack a giggle here and there to excuse our horse’s winter appearance due to mostly our own lack of motivation and enthusiasm for the season. However, even through the cracked jokes and forced frozen smiles, our horses are there. They are comfy and warm in their winter fur coats, shaggy and a little messy. The once perfectly groomed and glowing coat, may seem a little dull in the barn lights, but still finds the ability to shine in the peeping rays of the warm winter sun.

Contrary to our feelings about how our horses should be looking during these cold and blustery months, our horses are still just as beautiful and majestic as ever. Enjoying the brisk winter air that gives them life and energy to bound around their paddocks and keeping their humans at bay inside the barn. Our trusty companions are relishing in the forced downtown time and slow down that winter brings with it, rejuvenating their minds and spirits for what adventures await them with Spring nearing closer each day.

Snow Much Fun

So far this winter we’ve had ONE snow storm.  It wasn’t even really a “storm”  since we’re talking about Pennsylvania and we usually get something close to 20+ inches of snow each winter season, give or take.  But, we adventured out to Caitlin’s barn where she keeps her Percheron Draft Apollo.  Apollo is a giant!

Apollo came into Caitlin’s life shortly after she lost her OTTB Mare.  Apollo showed up at a time when Caitlin needed love and comfort the most. He has helped her through the loss of her mare and the pair have moved forward to win ribbons and year end awards through their local 4-H club.  They are currently working through a lameness injury Apollo sustained at the end of last year, but these two are so adorable together you can just feel the love when you’re with them.

Our session together was bitter cold, windy and the snow was just dumping from the skies.  We laughed and shivered in the cold, wet wintery weather.  But, look how cute and fun their pictures turned out to be!  I can’t wait to go back to their farm this spring to capture the two of them again!


Lindsay & Nakai

Lindsay & Nakai are a special pair.
Lindsay wasn’t exactly looking for a new horse, but she stumbled across Nakai many moons ago by accident.  His owners were looking for someone to exercise their horse, as he seemed a bit overly energetic. When Lindsay first met Nakai she was greeted by a bay Appaloosa gelding with attitude.

Linda wasn’t Nakai’s biggest fan but they slowly formed a relationship, through the Appytude and all of Kai’s silly shenanigans; that let’s be honest, every single Appaloosa has.  Eventually Nakai’s owners were selling the farm and needed somewhere for Nakai to go, because Lindsay & Nakai had spent so much time together and formed a relationship his owners chose Lindsay as Nakai’s new forever partner.

The rest, as they say is history.  Lindsay and Nakai are The Equine Bond.
They encompass everything that a bond is and should be.  They respect each other, They care for each other and they know how to get on or stay off of each others nerves.  Nakai is very playful, even in his late 20’s!  The pair have tried many different forms of the Equestrian sport from jumping, reining, western, trails, endurance rides and NACMO courses.  However, all accomplishments aside, Lindsay’s all time favorite time with Nakai is simply sitting in his stall quietly listening and taking in the sounds of Kai eating his grain and hay, occasionally sharing a morsel with Lindsay.  There is something so peaceful and relaxing about sitting quietly with your horse. The time here seems to reset our souls and relax our stress away – if only for a moment.


*What brings you the most Joy when you’re with your horses or pets?

Tail of The Equinetographer

gulliverI arrived to the warm and welcoming barn atmosphere at the age of 9.
A spunky kid, eager to learn everything about horses and riding.  I gawked in admiration of the barn owner’s daughter riding and jumping her horse tackless. I wanted to do that too. I spent my entire childhood and adolescence getting to the barn and touching every horse I encountered. I collected every book and magazine. I read and re-read the Heartland series more times than I care to count. And let’s be honest here, I’ve binged the  CBC Heartland series on Netflix even more times. 17807495_10155180392729557_8787213169178894757_o

It wasn’t until the good old age of 25 that the planets aligned and I brought home my first horse.  I was the most excited 25 year old horse girl rushing to the barn to meet my first horse.  He exceeded every expectation, a noble, wise and kind steed, My Gulliver.  A beautiful, short and stocky, bay Appaloosa gelding with a big, bold blanket. Together we galloped with the wind, over fields of grass and snow. We blazed trails and roads together, exploring new places.  I’ve always loved horses more than any other domestic animal, there is just a warmth, trust and love that just has a way of absorbing every emotion.  Gulliver was that horse. My heart horse.


DSC_7517.jpgAs a horse lover, photographer and an overly obsessed horse Mom, I certainly snapped hundreds of photos of my handsome Gulliver in the short time he was with me before his passing.  But, the one thing I kept pushing off was the investment of a photographic experience to capture the absolutely amazing and unforgettable bond we shared.  At the young age of 19, Gulliver getting sick and passing so quickly was so far from my mind, I thought I had time.


Time is a funny thing, you always feel you need and want more of it, but there is never enough.  We’re so greedy about time, if we could we’d pluck it from every tree and just add minutes to the days and years.  That’s not how time works though. Time is finite.  It has a beginning and an end. We don’t know when either is set to start or complete, but they’re there; the beginning and the end. Our focus in life needs to be to focus on the NOW, TODAY. To make the best of each period of 24 hours we are gifted.  What we choose to do with those hours is up to us, obviously in order to enjoy the things we love most, we must go to work, but that doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy the work we do.

20374328_10155548348564557_8094165271243017356_n.jpgWhat work does mean is that the time we have at the barn is ever more precious than we ever imagined. The time with our horses and our loved ones is more memorable than the moments before arriving to their side.  The barn is our sanctuary, our safe place. A place where each set of hooves, each whinny and every (some what annoying) paw at the ground for food sets our souls on fire and lifts us higher and higher the longer we are fully present in this space.



The Equinetographer is here and our entire mission is to capture the ESSENCE of you and your horse exactly as you are.  Two souls, entwined together and taking on the world! Visit our website to learn more about our Photographic Experience and view some of the wall art options we have available!