Week 4

You know, I realized that I never posted a blog entry from my brother’s wedding. So I think now is a great time since I didn’t get out with the camera this weekend for any pictures due to it being way cold and working the weekend at my “normal” job. So here it is folks! The Bauer wedding from October 19, 2013 ❤

5 6 4

Now, I wasn’t their main photographer, I was a bridesmaid and a formal member of the wedding party and so these are just some of my snapshots from the day.  I only had a few chances for photo’s but I think I snagged some great ones!


Her shoes were a main item for the day. HUGE shoe lover, so her  Louboutin red soled heels were an important shot to get for her! Fancy aren’t they?

2 1

Getting ready is always an emotional moment, leading up to the walk down the aisle, the I Do’s and all the fun and celebration to be had afterwards. But alas, there were plenty of Mimosa’s to go around to keep nerves at bay and everyone happy and excited throughout the morning.


And then since I had to perform bridesmaid duty the final shots I got of the evening were Cake smashing shots!
There is nothing more fun (I would think, I mean I know I look forward to it) than smashing cake into the face of your best friend. =]

Week 3

Week 3 has been very busy, I haven’t had any snow days(thankfully!) to entice me to take a walk with my big camera and so, this week you are getting pictures from my phone. Yes the quality is not alway the best with phone photos, however, our phones are always with us, so if we’re driving and see a lovely sunset we can pull over and snap a picture. For me, taking my camera to the barn is a big ordeal and in the barn its a pain to try and capture the horses with the poor lighting, the dust and the lack of distance I can put between me and the horses(who know, no personal space).  So, my phone comes in handy when I want to snap some cute and creative shots of the pony.

hails1 hails2

I don’t know about you, but the upper right one here is just nifty to me, the sunlight shining through the door behind her and lighting up her hair on her face but the rest of her is a shadow. =] Oh and don’t mind her sad face in the upper left, she couldn’t find any grass in the giant pile of snow.


Pony all ready to go, it was our first above freezxing day here, the ring was GREAT(soft and squishy, not frozen) and the horses were SO happy to be out and working again.  After being stuck in the snow for the last 2 months they are happy to get into the ring and stretch their legs and bodies out.  =]

More snow is currently falling….look for pictures of the packable white stuff next week!

Week 2 – More Snow

It is Saturday of Week 2!
Nothing any more new or exciting than the ending of last week…
Just MORE Snow. I think we got another 2 inches today….honestly I cannot remember the last time it snowed this much this often.
I remember the snow storm of 1996(I was 8) It was a lot of snow and then there was ice and we could use those runner sleds and we would ride them all the way from the top of our driveway all the way across the golf course stopping right before hitting the next road down. I als remember a lot of pinched and run over little fingers….that really hurt.
But anyway….it is 2014(there was also that snow storm back some where between 2004 and 2009 I think too, HUGE pile up of traffic for a couple days on route 80 in PA. insane). So, 2014, so far we’ve had 2 HUGE snow events(I say huge, other people in other states will call it a dusting I’m sure!) We ended up with 9 inches at my apartment here after the storm on Tuesday, I think the storm before this was 6 inches. And then again today we added 2 more inches to that 9 inches.  SO much of this fluffy white stuff its insane!

So, without further adew and further walks back through my memory lane. Here are Week Two’s images!!!

Enjoy!  =D

snow 003a snow 004a

Snow falling in the street lights =]

snow 006a

Church on Broad Street,

snow 012a snow 013a

Main Street, in the dark and snow =]

Week 1 Photo’s


Ok, I know I said I’d post at the end of the weekeend, but it is only Tuesday, Right? =D

And to make up for the late post, I have some extra pictures for your viewing pleasure!

The first four images are taken at one of the entrances to the Perkiomen Trail in Schwenksville.

week 1 005a

week 1 006a

week 1 010a

week 1 012a

Next…after visiting the Perki Trail I headed to a local high school to check out my favorite drumline. Here’s a cell phone shot of them during rehearsal =]


Then on Monday I grabbed a goofy shot of me and the pony(again, via cell phone)


and last but not least, here in PA we are again getting snow dumped on us as I type…currently a little under 1 inch of snow and it’s supposed to accumulate up to 14 inches in some areas….here’s my attempt to salt away the snow on our stairs and deck…it didn’t work well. The snow just covered it right up!


Project 52


I’ve been clicking around the internet lately looking for photography projects to give me some ideas on what to photograph and to continue to sharpen my skills, because you know, you are never done learning!

While browsing around the great wide web I came across a blog from Click It Up a Notch on Project 365 and Project 52. However as I am working a full time job, going to school full time and have little free time every day, I’ve chosen to partake in project 52. This will include at least one photo of every week of the year, starting with the Week of January 20th(this Monday) and going until the same week in January next year.

My goal is to find something to photograph every week, no matter what it is. A pencil, snow, my school work, my dogs, horses or people. Anything!   I want to shoot with Natural light but also want to challenge myself to start working with my flash and creating imagery that way as well.

I am hoping that everyone enjoys my posts each week!


<center><a href=”http://clickitupanotch.com/project-365-and-project-52-link-up&#8221;  target=”_self”><img border=”0″ alt=”Click It Up A Notch” src=”http://clickitupanotch.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/project-365-click-it-up-a-notch-button.jpg&#8221; /></a></center>


Maybe you’re interested in one of these projects for yourself??
Here are two helpful links from Click It Up a Notch!

11 Tips to completing project 365 or 52

Tips to make your project a success!



(I’ll come back later this weekend to show you my picture for this week!)


Dual Purpose E-Session!

November 23rd was my birthday, it started out like most other Saturdays, did a little homework, went to see my horse,etc.
I had an “engagement session” at Valley Forge Park at Sunset, I was SUPER excited for it. The subjects were our friends who had recently gotten engaged over the summer.  Dave is a photo guru himself so I was told he suggested the park at sunset to get some cool sunset shots, it gave some AWESOME lighting too!

Well anyway,  we get there and I start snapping away…


2 3


Aren’t they the cutest!?  Like seriously!?
So we move up to the Train Station at the park…it’s an amazing piece of architechture, I absolutly adore the structure.
As I was attempting to snag some more shots of these two, my boyfriend kept getting in my way, every where I turned he was there(which is clearly annoying to me while I’m trying to shoot).  That’s when the entire session did a complete 180 and turned the focus from our friends…..to ME!(nerve wrecking, I know!).

So this whole session was a fake(at least I got some cute shots right?). Jon had set up this entire scheme as our proposal(I seriously had NOT a CLUE in the world….I was OBLIVIOUS.  That’s how it should be though….right??)  So anyway, there we are in the middle of this GORGEOUS sunset:



Like I said….GORGEOUS SUNSET…I wouldn’t exaggerate that!
Right in the middle of this sunset, he gets down on one knee and POPS THE QUESTION!(It’s been 5 1/2 years in the making)
I of course said YES! =]

So, for your viewing pleasure here are our own Engagement shots!

123 124 125

Special thanks to our friends for keeping a secret and helping Jon carry out his secret mission!
And to my Mom w/the power of my camera at her finger tips for our pictures!

Erika & James Engaged!








Spent the afternoon today shooting these two lovely people in celebration of their very recent engagement!
It was a fun filled afternoon at Boathouse Row and The Philly Art Museum with these two.
There was plenty of smiling and laughing!! 

1 2 3 4 5 6

7 8

9 10 11


Happy trails in wedding planning & finding your perfect dress!!!

Peace Valley Park Holiday Session

Spent some time at Peace Valley Park last weekend with a fun family, goofing off and being cheery for some great holiday shots!!

c                                                                               f k l n q                                                                     r s

^^You can never give up the opportunity to play on a playground.  Especially when there is a tiny dinosaur toy….


Or monkey bars…. =]


Happy Holidays!!!

I Heart Faces PET Photo Challenge Entry!

In case you have not already noticed….I LOVE my pets, your pets, really anyones pets. …unless they’re spiders or slightly creepy crawly things like that…not a HUGE fan, but hey! Everyone loves their own little creatures! Some people think horses and cats are the creepiest!(I don’t see how….) But anyways!

IheartFaces is having their monthly photo challenge, and their topic of awesome this month is Pets! =D

So, I have submitted the following photo of Donny, a horse of a friend of mine. He’s just so handsome and cute, especillay when he has his horse show face on!

<a href=”http://www.iheartfaces.com/”><img title=”I Heart Faces Photo Challenge Submission” src=”http://www.iheartfaces.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/I-Heart-Faces-button.jpg&#8221; alt=”Photo Challenge Submission” /></a>
Read more at http://www.iheartfaces.com/how-it-works/grab-a-button/#pLhKYjrc246vj3DS.99

Jon K @ Peace Valley Park

So I took Jonathan to Peace Valley Park to check out the park and get some ideas for a session.

He’s just so photogenic it makes my job WAY TOO EASY!!

He just naturally poses himself and he looks great.

All went well and I got some fantastic shots of him….however…the sunglasses never came off(I suppose every model has something they don’t do….right??)

Either way, his shots turned out great!




This one was one of my favorites, so perfectly imperfect.  The shadows and sunlight coming through the trees is so AWESOME.